Even if your kitchen has a few meters, there are some decorative tricks to help you turn it into a bright and comfortable space. It's not magic, just a matter of a little ingenuity and good practice. We see it?

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Distributed by plant

Good distribution, adapted to each type of space, is the key point for getting the most out of the kitchen game. there are three


If elongated, distribute the L-shaped kitchen is the best option, especially when very close. Sometimes it may fall in the error equally take both sides, but the passageway will be very small and can be overwhelming. If you have no choice but to employ the other hand, see that you do not arrive there cabinets to the ceiling to prevent tunneling.

Basic distributions for a small kitchen:

In form of "OR"

The kitchens distributed U-shaped square ideal for kitchens. On one side stands the fire zone, the other the water and leave the latter the most clear countertop possible to have a comfortable work area.

small kitchen in U

One side

If you have a kitchen-hall or integrated into a single environment along with the living room or dining room it is the ideal place in one wall, taking advantage of the long. If space allows you can place a small moving island with wheels, which will serve extra support and storage, as there are many models with cabinets, drawers and shelves. Want more ideas? Do not miss these small superprácticas online and kitchens.

Take advantage of the light

If you can create windows or hatch to let in the light, do it! You'll feel more comfortable in it and avoid it look like a small cave.

Open space

Another possibility is to create an open dining room or living room. This way you get more sense of space and you will create a space to share with your family and friends. If you choose this option a tip: pick a most powerful and quiet as possible hood.

White, your color

They do not say that white fat? For your kitchen that width is visually more though will do you good. You can use it on the walls, in cabinets and even on the floor. Kitchens blank are much brighter.

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Glass, your stuff

Use it in doors and in closets, especially those which keep the dishes, glassware or cups. The glass will pass not only light, but also the reflected and strengthened.

Dispenses office

Having an office is very convenient, but when spare no meters can be more of a hindrance. To replace it, you can build a small breakfast bar in the same countertop or create a small makeshift office with a table and folding chairs.

Gallery, 15 photos

Want more ideas? In the gallery you will find 15 kitchens that have managed great to maximize space. It takes note of all the tricks that experts have used interior designers to give more breadth, more light and make the sea resulting practices.