An island, but takes up space, is a fantastic place to prepare food, get plenty of space for storage or for use as office. Or all three at the same time. Here we tell in detail all the reasons to put an island is a great success, whether in a large kitchen and a small. In the gallery you will find 14 examples you'll love and all you need to know to pick the perfect island.

In spacious kitchens

You will gain work surface where prepare comfort food. It is therefore useful to include a small sink where you wash vegetables, and a wood where cut without damaging the work surface. If your island is large enough, you can even install the cooking area and an appliance.

Kitchen with island and Corian countertop gray

Attaches to the island area office: avoid commuting in daily meals. Another option is to locate the office near the island, and harmonize the transition by placing a cantilevered breakfast area on the island give way to the office.

In small kitchens

In a short space we can enjoy an island that extends the work surface and fulfilling the duties of an office when it is not possible to create a separate dining room.

Convenient and comfortable

So that the island is comfortable, leave around 90 cm free to allow easy opening drawers and create areas large enough step.

Gallery, 14 photos
14 very practical KITCHEN ISLANDS

Breakfast bar

The easiest way to win a breakfast bar or fast food is to let the cantilevered counter at one end and complement it with two stools.

Make the most

One way to make the most of the island is to design with drawers, shelves or cabinets that allow multiply the storage capacity.

That is not heavy

To lighten the visual weight, you can overlay it with white, wood or Silestone, for example.