The office is one of the most important meeting places of the house. This does not mean having a large dining area in the kitchen, you not even need a table! A cantilevered counter, a bar or extensible surface hidden in the furniture can give life to a social office. It is essential that you are right where you need it and sized for the number of people who will use it.

Designing a good office

More than meters, you need planning. The idea is to think about the office while distribute the kitchen. So it is easy to devise a set to your tastes and your meter room, and away from the stove to avoid smoke and odors. It is useful place near the water area and storage of crockery to facilitate day. And next to a natural light (or of another stay), to model a friendly space where your family or your friends enjoy while you cook.

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  • Per person. Each diner needs 60 cm wide (which is what deals seated). So for 4 people is rectangular table 130x80 cm or 76 or a circular 80 cm in diameter.
  • Ergonomics. Choose the seat height according to the table, to respect a minimum distance of 20 cm. That is, seats 90 high (if the board is 110 cm) 80 (105 cm), of 63-70 (90cm) and 45 (72-74 cm).
  • Respects step. To circular leaves between the table and the wall a clearance of 70 cm, and increase it to 85 cm (if a dresser) and 100 cm (if a refrigerator). A dining room for 4 people need 6 m2, and one of 6, 8 m2.

In addition to respecting the measures and distances, think what you want room (and need) to choose tiles, furniture and lights, as well as functional, you help create that style you want. There are multiple options. But what will fit your space and your life? We give you several options.

A separate dining room

Away from work areas, it is ideal if you are 4 or more in the family, especially if there are children, because it favors the grouping around the table. It takes 6 to 8 m2 extras, but the space can be reused, when not eating, as study area, sewing or games.


It is best to place the table in the middle and furniture, cabinets or sideboards, on the walls. But if left meters, paste the table to a wall and replace the chairs by banks. To delimit the atmosphere, decor differentiated enough. Paint and decals can narrow the space and give functionality and character. Furniture as well. Today practicality can be chic!

As for the light focuses on a suspended table lamp, but intensity and height adjustable to vary according to the activity light: intense and 0.60 m from the table to eat or study, and smooth and 2.20 m soil in sobremesas. To create atmosphere, highlights the walls with sconces or light boxes.


Open to the living room, it is no longer a solution for mini spaces, but the star choice for the kitchen living with intensity. It is true that, by joining kitchen, dining room and living room, eager meters (and an office for 4 fits in 3 m2 and 6 m2, because the passageways are of use), but the goal is to avoid isolation Cook, simultanear work (while cooking can watch the kids or watching TV) and, above all, open kitchen and dining room to life. However, to make this idea work makes smoke and noise (sound and visual). In addition to a fume extraction great power (600-800 m3 / h) and low decibel (outer or intermediate engine), select silent and integrated-paneled appliances and furnishings.

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Located between the kitchen and living room, the dining room should have the same look of these and even the same parts. Dining room chairs can be extras for the lounge seats. And if it is standing lamp, halogen and direccionable- articulated arm and can illuminate both the table and the sofa. The lights integrated into the architecture ayudarám you to model the different environments.

The office Peninsula

It is a hybrid dining room, I thought for eating and for working. It is separated from areas of fire and water, but combined with the kitchen attached to the top (and even functions as such). If you use the same material and color on both surfaces, unificarás spaces. And if different, or different chromatic will create two rooms. The same goes when using two heights. Attaches to the top of 90-105 cm less 72-74 cm high board (and at least 38 cm wide) and have a table where prepare or breakfast.

In any case, to have on hand both utensils (plates, glasses and cutlery) and individual everyday Arrange near a dresser or a cabinet of about 35-45 cm deep, which can light up inside, so give this a twist zone.

As a light, just the kitchen itself, but for the timely Arrange on the peninsula two or three lights falling roof line, and adjustable, to provide intense light to eat or work (from preparing food to board) to a softer and subdued for an intimate evening.

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An island in the kitchen

This solution requires meters (15-20 m2) and width (4 m minimum), but the chef offers great freedom of action. In it, you can integrate an office and establish a direct relationship between cooking and eating, although the priorities marks the chef. Being a workbench, the ideal height is a counter (90-105 cm), so you need to eat stools 63 cm tall, and can be integrated into the perimeter to make the steps (90- 150 cm) clear. It is best to project a top cantilevered, with a gap where to place the legs when sitting and hide the seats when not in use.

If the island includes cooking zone, it requires a width between 160 and 180 cm, to have counter 50-60 cm at the sides. The background can range from 140 to 150 cm, for once placed the plate (52 cm) have margins 20 cm band and band spatter and a minimum of 45 to 60 cm for the office.

For dining service it includes deep crockery and cutlery and lower bottom drawers tablecloths. E illuminates the area invisibly, but scenographic, with directional spotlights recessed in the ceiling and create different sequences of light and color depending on the time.

A rod attached to the wall

Folding or stacking stools, it is sufficient to articulate a breakfast area-even commercially two. Yes, choose it with a minimum width of 120 cm (130 cm although better) and a depth of 35 cm (optimum 45 cm). And to work as a workbench, which has the height of a worktop (90 to 110 cm), it is made of a resistant and easily cleanable material, and incorporates a drawer for cutlery. Household items you can have in wall shelves only 17 cm background: glasses in a row and vertical plates and after wood or steel bars.


A mirror or a picture in perspective, and the same width as the table, create depth where none exists. And a multiple adjustable lighting and soften this small space. Begins by placing several lines of fixed reflectors to illuminate the area of ​​the table. Continues with a perimeter path with dirigibles spotlight on the walls to bathe the walls and get a nice light reflected. And he finishes the job with sections of incandescent bulbs Xenon type (sold by meter) under some shelves for modeling textures and lighting volumes. You will definitely be a super nice bar!

A removable table

Foldable, or extensible camuflable, space is a resource when few meals a year are held in the kitchen or missing. To project furniture fronts with folding work table, or come up with benches and kitchen furniture in which panels inserted up to 2 m long, think on the table while distribute space. And the same happens with convertible or folding models. Once opened to have an own space, and that does not disrupt the work of the cook, study and storage location.

Folded table occupies half, but it requires a space or a closet to hide. Chairs folded up less, but better if you can use them in other rooms of the house such as the living room or terrace. If you choose the same seats throughout the house, you can rotate them.

The latest-top tables

  • Of stone. Y'know the hardest and with a natural beauty that will not stain or scratch, like white granite or marble glass Macael acid stones.
  • Of wood. Voguish, the marine board, by warm, water-resistant and resistant strains.
  • Of steel. To create an industrial and hygienic look foolproof: extreme heat, moisture, acids, shock and impact. Yes, it is scratched and requires daily cleaning.
  • Synthetics. Whether compact (such as Silestone) or synthetic (such as Corian) enable continuous and seamless countertops with integrated sink and antibacterial treatments.

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