To leave shopping bags on the counter, you must elbow aside the juicer and toaster. To find that pot you keep in the back of the closet, you always end up with a strained shoulder. You cook, two are always crowd ... It is clear. You suffer "minicocinitis". But quiet is cured. Here you have 10 pills (and some more in the form of images) that make great small kitchens.

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1. Duties before starting ...

First exercise: Tira (sell or give away) what you do not use. Second exercise: Look at your kitchen. Have you been with the image? Then delete it. To better organize your kitchen and you have to gain space from 0. Third exercise: Describe how is your day in the kitchen; just answering your needs get your ideal kitchen. Need examples? Some cuisine daily and does not need too much pantry, kitchen Some weekend for the whole week and needs a thousand Tupperware and plenty of freezing, etc. What is your case?

2. One is enough

We talk about sinks. In a mini kitchen, having two is almost almost a sin. Stay with one and be large, up to 50 x 40 cm. You will gain counter space, that is, you work with much more comfort.

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3. Goodbye cabinets, goodbye lumbago

If you replace the cupboards under the hob fully removable drawers, you'll see everything at a glance guards and will catch the first without having to blindly slapping the back of the closet. A drawer 120 cm wide instead of two 60 cm will allow you to store more and better, and will cost less because you only have to make a hole.

4. What up?

Install windows, not visually fill. O cabinets with folding doors up; you forget to do the limbo under the doors open to prevent bumps and also see EVERYTHING guards. Especially if the shelves are glass closet, because you will no longer see even what remains at the bottom of the last shelf. And another idea: if the height allows it, make two levels cabinets and the highest keeps the least use (the pot of broth Christmas, raclette, fondue, etc).

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5. Admit it: yours are not juggling

Well, no. And they have to be. That is, do not have to open a closet and kept in a Tupperware five hand with the caps in balance while you get that interests you. To do this, the ideal is to have cabinets designed for them. Spaces where you do not have to stack but save a lot. Behind the door, in a corner, in a removable module ... 20 cm deep with interior shelves will allow organize without stacking. Or you can use that space as a pantry.

Paneled refrigerator and furniture for storage and microwave shelter 00412981

6. Panela and gain meters

Continuity of materials creates a feeling of space. If panelas appliances with the same material on the front of your closets you get to go unnoticed and the visual effect of the kitchen it will be more clean and spacious.

7. Appliances XS

  • Fires. Think about it: two fires have more than enough for day to day. And you'll gain 30 cm countertop.
  • Bell. Recessed ceiling occupy 0, and telescopic, which are hidden under a cabinet, allow you to keep on top.
  • Oven-micro. Think of having a microwave oven instead of two distinct parts, or a mini-furnace 45 cm high instead of the usual 60 cm. You'll gain 20 cm to save.
  • Dishwasher. With a 45 cm you can wash dishes up to 6 guests after every meal.
  • Refrigerator. For spaces than minis, there refrigerated drawers undercounter (120 liters).

8. Corners helpful

In a mini kitchen, the corners are not negligible. Why waste those precious 10-15 cm? Install swivel and total extraction Rinconeros cabinets. But to avoid crouch often use them for what you do not use daily as replacements trash bags, plastic wrap, etc.

9. hanging rods

From cutlery to cook up accessories sink or spices. With bars on the windowsill of the kitchen you have everything at hand and will free the counter.

kitchenette with glass wall and adjacent office 00412896

10. The "big" glass doors

Great because they get to your kitchen look much more airy than it is. And if they are sliding, even better. You will take advantage up to 1 m2 more in the kitchen. Select them with closing slowed to avoid dangerous blows.

Gallery, 10 photos

Enters the gallery and you can check the result of all these (and many more) ideas. It will like you.

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