Cutlery, crockery, food, small appliances ... It matters little that our kitchen is large or small. What we want is to save all ... and more. The secret to this is to find solutions tailored to each of our storage needs. Have the meters you have in the kitchen, these proposals will achieve it all in order to optimize the most of every centimeter.

Looking for a place to kitchenware


No minimum in the kitchen of a family of four 24 plates, 4 sets of breakfast, 4 cups, 8 cups and 20 seats. In addition to trays, bowls, salad bowls ... How to store them in a small space? Here we give you the answer:

crockery. For starters, it is more practical to have a dish service for which you are at home and keep the dishes special occasions outside the kitchen. So you will free lockers. Save dishes daily hand as you can, in a practical wardrobe, a silversmith or a glass display case. Brings together pieces by size and stack them on top of each other to optimize the shelves.

glassware. Save the glasses stacked in twos to fit more. If you have several heights places the lower front. The shelves of cabinets are the place more "insurance" for glass objects. Never keep on removable drawers, can break. As for drinks, if the base is wider than the mouth, put one up and one down to optimize space. If you do not use often it is better to keep them in high, less accessible closets and therefore more sporadic use.

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The cutlery. Ideally, you have two drawers for cutlery: one for you use to eat and the other for cooking utensils. Separators with trays of different sizes, whether wood or plastic, are the best system for the silverware drawer is not chaos. How many you need? Not many services. For the day, calculates that you are at home more than 2 or 3 for contingencies.

Keep order


It organizes what is visible. Open shelves and lockers are lighter than closed cupboards and let you find it all faster. Does your disadvantage? You should be more organized.

The breakfast area. Having an area that brings together everything you need for breakfast is the most practical for day to day. Plan a locker area that suits what you keep: height shelves boats with hooks for cups at the bottom, drawers for teas and coffees ...

Clears the counter. If you want your kitchen look neat keep the counter clear as you can. It's a work surface, not a place to store all kinds of utensils. Leave about it only what you use every day (coffee maker, juicer ...) and keep everything else. In the cooking area, take advantage of the sill with bars and hooks for hanging knives, ladles and skimmers. It is a good system to keep on hand and, incidentally, release the countertop and cabinets and drawers.

Booking site for recycling. The recycling area demands more and more space to separate the different waste well. Choose type bucket plastic containers: they are easy to empty and clean

Want more ideas? Then do not miss our gallery. We have selected very practical solutions and tricks to organize from textiles to kitchen small appliances, pots and pans ... Take your practice vein and opens the new season with the kitchen in order. What fun!