Every morning, while sipping coffee with milk, will head imagining what you would do with your kitchen if you could reform it. What if we stopped flying and put your feet on the floor with a few numbers? There are options for all budgets. Looking for yours and start thinking about reform ... seriously.

How your kitchen for less than 900 €

Pinta! You can not imagine how you can change your kitchen with a lick of paint. Paint the fronts and part of the furniture that is visible and tiles. A painter will do it for you from 7 € / m2, the price at which must add the cost of painting (about 100 € for ceilings, walls and furniture).


Changes shooters (For 4 € / 2U Ikea). Keep in mind that if you choose handles that can be adapted to existing holes in the doors, do not have to make repairs and be much better.

Installing a vinyl floor. No works are needed because it is placed over the existing pavement. There are in tile and lamas. Calculate from 30 € / m2 and 10% added expense because, to fit the space, there are always losses. Labor can cost about 5 € / m2.


Mucha bar. Add bars to hang what most use and separators inside the drawers (between 4 and 12 € at Ikea).

Changes textiles. As the curtain of the window, which can cost about 30 €.

Minicambios very resultones

  • Plants: Put potted herbs. Will give life to your kitchen and do not cost much.
  • boats: If you have boats in sight, change them. They are not expensive and will give a new air.
  • Lamp: If you have a small office, changing the screen you'll win a lot. You have several options and the contrast takes. If your kitchen is current, put a screen raffia; if it is more vintage, industrial, and if more rustic, one gooseneck installed on the wall.
  • vinyls: A vinyl (or stickers) in a wall can also give a new. They are inexpensive and amazing.

Do you have a budget of € 1,500?

In addition to the changes that you could do with a smaller budget of 900 €, you have other options:

Furniture wash your face. If you have standard measurements, you can update just changing the front, which fit with the hinges there. Ikea, for door, you can spend from 20 €. Take the opportunity to place a crystal that will enlarge your kitchen and see very different.


Renovate lighting. Both the roof and adding strips LED under the upper cupboards (40 € a LED 6 W of 55 cm in Leroy Merlin).

Crearte forechest. Wall plates existed from 25 € / u to special stickers for tiled kitchen (or bathroom), measuring 15 x 15 cm with retro look very realistic (from 30 € / box 36).

Can you spend € 3,000 maximum?

It opens up a world of possibilities. For starters, plus ideas that you have seen in other budgets, you can change "box" your kitchen, ie, coatings, as well as furniture.


• ceilings. A plaster ceiling for recessed downlights led, will cost 15 € / m2 and each light, from 20 €.

• Coatings. You delete existing either in floor or roof, it will cost between 10 and 12 € / m2 and 12 € / m2 for tiling again, you must add the price of the material; for example, a geometric floor tile Vives can cost about 24 € / m2. If you alicatas halfway up, you will save tiles and will be cheaper because the paint is cheaper.


• Furniture. For a kitchen of about 8 m2, counted from 1,500 €, ie, keep in mind that the departure of furniture 50% of the budget will be. It has well-equipped interiors to be 100% practical kitchen.

• Surface. Corian rule because it could off balance the budget, but we can choose buenisimas options. In the box you will find some of our favorite. Ah! And that remove the old countertop will also cost you money (between 35 and 40 € / hour).


  • Silestone (150 € / m): for more contemporary looks. It is durable and easy to clean.

  • Porcelain (180 € / m): as Techlam, Levantina. Also durable and easy to clean.

  • Marble (100 € / m) for a more retro style. You must monitor with acids.

  • Granite (170 € / m): for more traditional kitchens. It is tough.

To stay within these limits, a good idea would be to keep the appliances you have (here we tell you how to clean and care for your appliances last longer). He thinks that this game may incur from about 1,800 € more (oven, microwave, gas hob, dishwasher and fridge). Ah! And little things that we ignore but that it calculated in the final price: bags for Rune (from 30 € / u) and VAT is applicable.

Now that you know how far you can get, you can begin to devote the short time of latte to stroll through our website. There are a thousand ideas that will inspire you to give your kitchen the look that you dream about. Go for it!

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