What do you choose: two small sofas or one in L? Should you do without the coffee table? And the seats? Are you absolutely vetted intense colors? All with a few meters pose an extra challenge in decor. Here are ideas for you to pull out of these small spaces and rooms where abandoned to become a relaxing moments.

Colorful beanbags Lounge

What kind of furniture you choose?

Your room is small does not mean you have to oversimplify or give up furniture as coffee table or library. Yes, look for pieces that fit those few meters and occupy the least. For example, instead of placing a strong table, select one or more light, you can even easily moved if necessary, or a petite piece which increases the feeling of height and, therefore, of roominess.

Gallery, 30 photos
30 small and comfortable lounges

When no excess of meters, versatility is also a plus: an ottoman with storage space a bajoventana chest of drawers, a stool that can be used as a side table ... There are many options.

Lounge with library as in the hollow of the fireplace

As furniture or artwork are among the favorites of our interior designers and decorators, and also to make the millimeter space available, give an air of "bespoke suit" unique to any space. Although more expensive than other furniture, it is well worth investing in them if the room is very small and you need storage space.

Deceives the eye

They say that, in a matter of clothes, white fat. Well, as we love to take the positive side of things, I's use it to fatten the living room! The white walls visually expand it, as much reflected light. The curtains (the thinner the better), furniture or carpets get it too.

But besides our beloved white (they also serve other shades like sand, beige or gray very claritos) elements in materials with lacquered finishes, mirrors or glass also multiply light.

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These and many other questions you can make are answered in this special where we have selected 30 classrooms that do not spare them the meters but still have managed the space seem larger and more comfortable than the salons XL . Do not miss any of them. You will find good solutions that you can apply in your home and make meters without having to move a brick.

Gallery, 30 photos
30 small and comfortable lounges