The living room is the space where we spend more time home, whether in family, with friends, enjoying a good book or movie. Or simply abandoning the pleasure of dolce far niente. It is a place where, above all, we want to feel at ease.

salón_sofás and armchairs

It is therefore important to decorate and renovate with small details that convey joy and optimism. And nothing gets better than notes of color. And they do it in record time. But what color or colors to choose? And how to add? These 15 rooms stand out for having all strokes or even broad strokes, a variety of colors.

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They come in pink, in blue, in green, strawberry and chocolate, pastel, in lilac, in gray ... Many options for you to choose the one you like. The key, getting these strokes are fair so that the color does not encroach eclipse and decoration.

You can add color to your living room with one of the larger pieces, such as the sofa, simply add notes of color with cushions and flowers, and you can even paint a wall color to contrast with accessories. There are endless possibilities to fill your living room. Learn to play with colors and seeks joy you need. Look at the gallery!

Gallery, 15 photos