There are smaller and larger, more or less natural, square, rectangular or even light L ... Come on, of all shapes and sizes! But either way your living room, here are the steps to make the most of the furniture, lighting, fabrics and materials. You'd say what the expert!

1. Enlarge the lounge is possible

Room in neutral tones and wood with wide coffee table

With large furniture. Small, contrary to what we think, dwarfing Whatever! The same goes for the floors wooden slats narrow or small tiles.

2. Light and Space: More, please!

The key to winning is to clear the living space. How? Custom furniture from wall to wall and floor to ceiling in the same tone of the wall. A showcase or help you win dresser storage room. To let the maximum light prevents tall furniture near windows.

3. Distribution: step by step how to hit

Room in neutral colors and accessories in pink, orange and mauve with beige carpet and floor lamp

We must start with the big pieces: sofa, TV cabinet and coffee table. In addition, we must take into consideration the proportions and the location of windows and radiators to find the best place. Once placed these pieces in place, move on to more personal details: Do you have many books? Do you need to have many seats? Space suits your needs before choosing the accessories and small furniture that will complete the space.

4. rectangular rooms, a challenge with great solutions

In this case opt for shallow and elongated pieces. And do not hold back on creating an auxiliary environment, such as a reading corner or work. These environments also fit rooms as "L", limiting them to a cabinet or lower seats.

5. Among fabrics

Cushions in colorful cloths with flowers or beige

Natural always work. Chintz linen and cotton are warm in winter and cool in summer. Flax creates light covers and dramatic drops in curtains and blinds. In addition, graduates light. For upholstery fabrics it is best to choose without much plot. Carpets: cotton or kilims on plant mats in summer and in winter, wool and silk.

6. Good color

Living in beige with cream sofa and colorful cushions

Color greatly influences the decor. it is best to opt for a neutral basis and serene: white ceiling, light walls and soft tones that remind nature in the main furniture. And to give dynamism commitment cheerful cushions, lamps and design objects.

7. At ground

Entrance hall with parquet floor and bright

For nothing better soils natural oak pallets or at least imitate him well. Bet finished tinted wax, organic or lightly bleached varnish, tan or gray. The slats, from 22 cm wide, or combined widths of 22 to 30 cm to give movement. And, in regias farms, placed in Hungary point-in pin, with an angle of 45º-. But if you get the drug to have an old floor like a modernist hydraulic mosaic, do not touch it! Tries to recover because they are real gems.

8. Light and conquer

Good lighting is essential. And even more in the classroom, the social space of the house. But beware to abuse the embedded pockets, because you will end up looking like a runway. The light should be indirect, and is achieved with floor lamps, reading and table ambienten in several directions. If it can be, of adjustable intensity regulators or automation. And above all, warm!

Meritxell Ribé interior designer, partner and director of The Home Studio

Meritxell Ribé

  • He opened his own studio in 2005
  • He now runs with his partner The Room Studio, the architect Josep Puigdomènech. With a multidisciplinary team they offer comprehensive solutions interior design and decoration.
  • His philosophy: highly customized spaces and a perfect blend of functionality, comfort and design.