Why always they end up messy rooms? Because this is where most things happen: you're watching TV, kids play, read, receive visits ... And we will not stop doing anything about this, ask the wildcard call for help to the expert in order Alicia Iglesias . Attentive, which picks ...


1. Do not hoard

Removes small furniture only add "noise". To do this, throws objects that do not use and then looking for a place for everything. So everything is easy to store and then to find.

2. Say no to baskets "wildcard"...

Watch out! Sort is not put everything in one basket. Baskets are a source of disorder and as difficult to find things, you end up forgotten in the background and taking up space.

3. ... and yes the drawer "rescue"

It is very useful to have a drawer to collect objects that are often left on the tables, such as notebooks, pens, hobbies ... that nothing is out, everything picked up.

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A LOUNGE ORDERED forever (no kidding)

4. Sit, stored and supports

A PUF with hollow is another lifeguard to save some extra blanket or cushion. For me it is a basic part, because it can replace the coffee table and occupies less.

5. Where do you have left over?

If you want to stop repeating this phrase, use a guardamandos on the arm of the sofa. It is a cloth accessory pockets.

6. The fair cushions

When a sofa cushion is stuffed it looks chaotic. How do you know if you are too? Very simple, if you have to remove them and make room to sit ... bad sign.

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Put a cushion for square and adds one more. So, on a three-seater sofa, put four cushions.

7. Eye with plaids ...

We love in sofas and armchairs, but it does not make sense to have more than one on a sofa or that keep hot weather. Looking for a place to save it when you're not using it or put it neatly folded on the sofa arm.

Tables and Alicia Iglesias

8. Center: Does the need for real? I am not in favor unless you have a large living room. I prefer the central living space is clear. But if you can not live without it, you choose one with a place to store, shelves and drawers best. Inside, always put the drawer organizers for not a "grab-bag".

9. Dining: Do you know the spaces of chaos? They are furniture that attract mountains of objects (magazines, bags ...). For the dining table it is usually the most problematic. Before "leaving" something on it, apply the trick "Yes or no". You need it? If the answer is yes, keep it in place. If the answer is no, throw it away.

10. And if you have a desk ... Processing the papers at the time. No batteries or trays do: keep only the roles you are using. Check them out as soon as possible, get rid of what does not serve and file what works. If you are unable to leave the table clean every day, set yourself one day a week to sort.

11. Plants, yes, but in place

Have plants everywhere can also generate disorder. It is better that you group all in a corner near the light or you have only one.

12. Watch auxiliary furniture

As the console or dresser, which are usually a nest of objects. Think carefully if you need them. If the answer is yes, because for example there goes the phone, then be just that, the phone.

13. What is not: drawers in order

Confess, sure you have at least a drawer full of small things (batteries, glasses, candles ...). What does not strip and other groups by type.

14. Separators low cost

Avoid messy dancing inside the drawers. Use caps shoeboxes as separators.

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A LOUNGE ORDERED forever (no kidding)

15. Do not hoard books

Look at your bookstore and empty it now ... and select. Although books have ordered, if the library is to stop the visual sensation is generated disorder. To avoid this, open holes. Stay only books you like and this really give them away, sell them or take them to a library.

16. Organized holes library

Combining books with objects that give "air" (A photo, a plant ... but without going over). It is best to place the books vertically, they are easier to catch and keep.

18. demanding Vitrinas

If the interior is filled with figurines and stuff without order, it will be chaotic. Why not use the showcase for just what you like? And no commitment to keep objects.


17. Respect formula

60% of library space should occupy books. 30% should be empty. And the remaining 10% can be decorative objects.

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  • 19. Mandates the table. Save whatever is on top, stack magazines and lights a couple of candles.
  • 20. Atusa sofa cushions (see them "squashed" It gives a sense of sloppiness) and place them well in the corners. Large and small forward behind.
  • 21. Put straight (Pictures, carpet ...). Crooked things are like a magnet for the eyes.
  • 22. Collect the dining table. Empty what you have above (though, at this point, you should not have anything you're not using) and decorate with a bouquet of flowers. Nothing else. For me, not too much detail addition, subtraction.
  • 23. Turn off the overhead light and lights a couple of table lamps to create a cozy atmosphere, and put a little music, but short.
  • 24. Remove dust on furniture and do not forget the TV screen. Tidiness are first cousins.
  • 25. And away the "bad" odors. The smell also messes up, did you know? There is nothing worse than entering a house and notice smell of dust or food. There quitaolores sprays you solve this problem.

You see, there are no impossible ideas but common sense. We like. And the best part, it works. Forget ordering. Your room will remain perfect ... his own.