"The winters are too long and dark in Madrid," he says Mar, the owner of this stay, longing for light and climate of his native Mallorca. To give more light to your room and remember the Mallorcan autumns, He has preferred to open two windows to the ground instead of hanging the typical shelves on either side of the fireplace. The decision was easy because "we have a small room next to a library and TV corner" we have a wink Mar. So, enjoy more natural light ... and spend less on electricity consumption.

The owner of this house also recalled his island with the color palette used in the renovation. Seeking clarity, it has used ivory, stone and beiges. Even the wooden floor has also been dyed white. Note color, reserved for supplements is in turquoise tone - The embravado winter mornings of the island, which blends well with the intense green garden sea.

Lounge and dining room are separated by a low wall "is much more comfortable, at a dinner with friends, for example, to move to the living room and not take into account the table with all that has been to collect," laughs Mar. In murete again the memory of the island: a work of great rocks and sea format of an artist of Manacor presides over the living area.

In the seating area, its current lines contrast with the classicism of the curtains and the mouth of the chimney. Sofas are arranged in a U for collecting and gathering a chaise longue, straight lines and a low backrest, closes the atmosphere.

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