Get the final order with the method of the new guru order, the Japanese Marie Kondo. Your secret? Get rid of anything that does not make you happy and folding clothes to keep it upright. It works.

Who is Marie Kondo?

His book "The Magic of order" (Ed. Aguilar) is a global bestseller. Small, Marie and ordered cabinets whole family. Eventually, he turned his passion into his work and created a consulting firm to help organize the whole house. His method will surprise you.

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"The organization begins by removing". This phrase is the best starting point to talk about the system of organization of the Japanese Marie Kondo, whose book has become a true master of the order throughout the world.

Just what makes you happy

The secret of success of the method, called KonMari, is to start pulling organize everything that does not need or make you happy. According to his organizing experience, most people complain they lack closets when the problem is accumulating too much. For her organize is just deciding whether or not to throw an object and decide where you're going to save. Marie commitment to organize the whole house once for the change of mentality more effective.

Start with the easiest

You should always organize by category, not by location. This means that if you start by clothing, must empty all home furniture in which you have clothes. It is the way to see the actual volume and find out if you have similar garments or "neglected".

Clothing, first step. It is the first to order because for Marie Kondo is making it easier to "Discard". Then it will come the time of books, papers, various objects and, finally, the sentimental elements (photos, souvenirs ...), the most complicated.

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How to decide?

Marie says you must catch the objects one by one hand. Only then you will know if you want them or not. Think about if it makes you happy, in its use ... and if you decide not to keep it let go with gratitude (for the good times shared).

Unafraid to throw out what you do not wear

Put all the clothes and accessories and make piles by category (shirts with shirts, sweaters and pullovers with so yet) above the bed.

It another season

It's the first thing you should be screened because they do not need now. Clothing Follow the current season and then with accessories. When you save it, forget the separation seasons for Marie is better to have everything always at hand. If you do not fit it all together, it allocates a comfortable for another season: it remains much better than in boxes.

Do not save more

Stay alone with what you really love and do not hold the clothes you sorry roll to be at home or as pajamas (the still will not wear it and accumulate). When you're done choosing clothes, it will normally stay with one third of all you had.

Choose good time to bring order


Ponte to order early in the morning is when the mind is clearer all the time.


Do it in a quiet space, if it can be without music or, at most, with ambient music.

With whom?

Alone, so you avoid that influence your decisions or want to stay something strips.

What order?

First take care to remove your stuff and then goes on to organize the common areas. So you'll be more "trained".

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Save vertically and with few accessories

In the method of Marie Kondo most clothes should be kept bent, so that can be placed in drawers or boxes upright (you will fit much more).

Uses space

In the space where clothes hang 10 you can save between 20 and 40 folded garments. The clothing does not wrinkle because the double, so the weight is deformed from other articles above.

Less is more

Do not abuse storage solutions (lockers, containers ...). The simpler they are, as boxes or shoe boxes, the better. Storage methods tend to complicate the order. Avoid putting names to all, it is "noise" in the closet.

And Sentimental

Pictures, objects of children, gifts, memories, love letters ... The sentimental items are the most difficult to shoot. Why Marie's left to the end. After choosing everything else you believe you are already "list" to do it. Do as with the rest and, first, bring them together all.

Detail with bookcase headboard

no "exilies"

Many people make the mistake, as they feel embarrassed pulling these objects, take them home from their parents. That only serves to forget them there. Marie is not necessary to save to save, you just have to stay with those you "touch the heart". You can start with the photos.

Say goodbye to the past

Marie Kondo to not throw many of these things we do is cling to the past. The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming not for the person we were in the past.

Find a place for everything and change your life

It is the last key Marie Kondo: each object type should only be stored in one place. For example, all shirts in a particular drawer.

Make the click

As you reduce your possessions arrive "the time of the click": In it you reach the correct amount of objects for you. Your feelings you have used discretion and "you reach" the order.

The magic of the order

Then you feel a sense of happiness. Many fans claim that after ordering Marie discovered what they really wanted to do with his life and changed jobs, couple ...

Gallery, 14 photos

As a release

He "Art discard" Sharpen your skills to make decisions and even "detoxifies" your body. Organize restores the balance between people, their possessions and their home and tidying your life.