If you want to keep the doors of your house-by the crisis, because you like them, because they need to change them by changing them, but need a restoration work, the first thing to consider is to assess whether the door is straight and good condition. And with time, and depending on the climate, they tend to twist, hindering its opening and closing. The first thing to do is assess the state of the door and decide if the change you need to do it yourself or order a professional.

previous steps

If the door status allows restoration, Jordi Madrigal, the specialist in carpentry Jormma Design, advised to follow a series of preliminary steps:

  • Sanitizes your door: smoothes the surface and filled with a special shock polyester putty (or body filler) so that, when sanding the door, remains smooth and no holes are formed. If you decide on a professional for this task, you can ask about 60 € for the work.
  • Renews hardware: Dismantle the door handles and plates and new purchase. Hardware price stands at about 70 €. Keep them to mount after painting, not to spot them.
  • Change frames flashingsA detail that will make your door is like new.
  • PrintBefore you start painting, it is advisable that you apply one or two coats of primer to prevent the paint from falling or jumping at the slightest touch. Once the two primer coats you apply, make one second sanding with a fine grit sandpaper (sandpaper varnish) for a finer finish.