The change of season is a good time to do a thorough cleaning at home. We help you organize with 25 ideas to start spring off right.

1. Vent and get organized

Spring is a good time to make a general cleaning thoroughly, the whole house. Start by opening all windows to be air vent and all rooms are well renewed. If possible, create cross ventilation (opening windows of the ends of the house, so that air can circulate unhindered and clean atmosphere). Then prepares cleaning utensils you'll need (brushes, mops, rags, sponges, chamois gloves, bags for vacuum cleaner ...). What you have them all crammed into the cupboard under the sink? It also takes advantage and arrange them in a closet like this custom as you can do yourself.

Now plans for cleaning areas, starting with those that are not cleaned daily, which are most in need. When you start to clean, do it for the highest areas (do not forget the tops of the cupboards!): The dust will fall down and gather everything.

2. Follow the Feng Shui: orders and eliminates what you do not use

Feng Shui seeks harmony and balance of energy flowing around us to create wellness in our lives. And the disorder disrupts the proper flow of energy. To clean the house according to Feng Shui, you must eliminate anything you no longer use. Not throw it away, give it away, because surely someone can take advantage. Then clean the corners of every room: energy, or chi will flow better and more harmonious perceive space. Finally, controls thought and positive. So do not get bogged down and take your time for spring cleaning. You can take a period of two weeks to do it.

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3. Opting for natural products

Vinegar, baking soda, salt and lime are essential for organic cleaning natural products. So cares that never lack at home. They have the advantage that they are environmentally friendly and do not pollute. If for difficult cases you decide on stronger products with chemicals, use them as directed and do not mix.

4. Clean painted walls upwards

If you have walls washable paint, you can clean them with a mild soap or dish with a little diluted in water. Performs mixing and preparing the amount you are going to need for the entire wall because you have to clean it all at once; If you stop half you can create a brand difficult to remove. Dip a sponge in the soapy water and wring well before putting it on the wall. Performs movements ordered to not leave any area without cleaning. A tip: start with the bottom of the wall and working up, because if dripping, dripping go down and makes it easier to remove from a surface that is already clean.

5. Sucking also roofs

In a thorough cleaning you can not forget the ceilings. Upholstery attachment of the vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning. But if you find it uncomfortable home but there is a very practical solution to remove dust. Gets a brush having long handle and cover with a clean cloth, knotting the ends or grip with tape or a rubber band. If you have ceiling fans, it's time to clean the blades so that the accumulated dust does not spread to set them up. Of course, check that work well.

6. neutral soap doors

Neutral soap diluted with water is a good solution to stop impeccable lacquered doors. If you have reliefs, as cuarterones or frames, it is best to review them gently, with the help of a toothbrush.

A bathroom door moldings

Then just rinse with water and dry with a lint-free cloth. To verify that no marks, look backlit door.

7. Dress the Spring Salon

Textiles replaces winter with more light and fresh. Plaids, cushions and curtains made of cotton or linen and light colors make your room to breathe spring. Before storing winter supplements, wash them (in the washing machine, with a suitable program to tissue, or the dry cleaner if they are very large and require dry cleaning). Keep them in textile bags to transpire.

8. Put cooler carpets

Remove the thick carpets (we tell you how to store and maintain the carpets so they will not spoil), wool and hair, and replace them with fresher carpets, such as vegetable fibers. Your house will look equally dressed, but with a more summery look. Before storing winter carpets, you sprinkle with baking soda and let act 15 minutes. Then aspíralas. Remain clean and avoid pests and odors. If you prefer to use dry foam, apply by area of ​​1 m2, and when time has passed indicating the instructions, remove it with a cloth. Save carpets rolled up, so they will not deform.

9. No manufacturer Furniture

The weight of the furniture leave marks on carpets that crushes the hair area where supported. To lift and prevent those marks are noticed, put an ice cube over the mark and let it melt, wait until it dries and then passes thoroughly vacuumed.

10. Alcohol for switches

Look at the switches and outlets throughout the house. With time and use, they tend to accumulate dirt. Be very careful when handling, because they are elements which electricity flows and can not be wet. Clean them with a damp cloth wrung out well and if any stain remains remove it with a wet cotton in a little alcohol. If the inside of the edges has accumulated dirt and has been black, you must remove the bezel by lifting the end of a screwdriver to clean it. In this case, be careful to do everything with the light switched off to prevent any discharge.

11. home Limpiacristales

To clean the glass throughout the house, both windows (inside and out) as tables and cabinets, you can make your own cleaner by mixing vinegar and water and applied with a sprayer. Another option is to add water and a little washing few drops of ammonia, then dried with newsprint. Do not forget to review the blinds and window sills.

12. Wooden floors, no stripes

If your floors are wood pásales mop regularly and use a damp cloth to remove stains. If you are waterproofed you can clean them with a moist mop. To remove smudges is best rubbing with steel wool and then applied a mixture of bitumen brown wax to match the color of the area.

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13. Time to thoroughly clean sofas

Passes the cleaner thoroughly by using the special accessory sofa upholstery, insisting on the arms and back. If you can, remove the seat cushions and back to suck the frame. And if you find a dry spot, remove it with ammonia or dry foam. But remember that it is easier to remove stains when they occur with a damp cloth wrung out. If any liquid is spilled absorb it with a sponge or a clean cloth, without moving it to not spread the stain. If some fat falls applied talcum and beam penetrating the fingertips, let act a few hours and brushing.

14. Clean lamps and bulbs

Dusts bulbs and ceiling fixtures with a duster. If you have spots, pásales a sponge or damp cloth carefully without wetting them, and make sure they are turned off before you start. If you have lamps hanging crystals put cotton gloves, wet your fingers a little cleaner or ammonia diluted in water and passing them see all the lamp until completely recorras; It will be very convenient because doing so will avoid drips.

15. Renews plants

Plants, besides decorating, humidify the environment and some -drácenas varieties, pothos and tapes, above all purify the air. Take this spring cleaning to remove dust that accumulates on the leaves, wiping them with a soft cloth soaked in milk. He adds some seasonal flower centers to give a spring and natural touch.

16. Protect furniture from the sun

Wooden furniture suffer when the atmosphere is too dry or if exposed to sunlight. To nourish, using a wax or polish a specific timber. And ahead of the arrival of good weather, it is the perfect time for you to review your location. Perhaps only to move a little furniture that are closer to the windows you can prevent them from direct sun and deteriorate.

17. Renews curtains

If you have thick, double-bodied or curtains, you replace them by other lighter-of cotton or linoleic and light colors. You will see how all the rooms are filled with light and atmosphere of spring. Before saving the others, review if there is any unpicked low or if any button is missing in the belt loops. Then clean them and keep them wrapped in tissue paper. And if your curtains are as fresh, wash them with an anti-wrinkle program and hang them (before, remove dust from the bar) when they are still wet: you save ironing.

Very cool white living room

18. headboards dustless

The headboards of wood or metal can clean with duster and takes to polish with a suitable product if necessary. If they are trimmed, passed the vacuum cleaner and removes stains with some ammonia dissolved in water but not wet the fabric.

19. Prepare the bed for summer

Flip the mattress, it's time to take advantage of those with face summer. To prevent mites that accumulate over time, goes well vacuumed every corner, even if antiácaros case. Also wash the cushions, you can do it in the washing machine using a warmer if they are synthetic, but not cold and centrifugues short for those who are downy program, and. Wash them on a sunny day and let air dry, they apelmazarán less. Dress spring bed, with sheets and light and fresh plaids. Switches and dials pads (choose them to match the bedding) and you'll feel brand new bedroom.

20. Nordics, until next year

Duvets to bulge less in the closet, roll up sacándoles the air well before putting them in a bag (better textiles, to perspire). Check if they have spots. If you have any, remove the stuffing isolating the area with an elastic band to wash better; do it by hand and when dry, again spread the filling.

21. Lavender for lockers

Changing clothes season is the best time to thoroughly clean closets. If they are wood or lacquered pásales a well wrung cloth with mild soap, rinse and dry them well. Leave them open for a while to prevent residual moisture and place a lavender sachets will scent and scare away insects.

22. Mandates and clean the kitchen cabinets

The kitchen will need a thorough cleaning with a grease product. For the fronts of the cabinets you'll be fine a little washing, or ammonia diluted in water; then rinse and dry quickly with a soft cloth that does not leave marks. Remove all having inside and passes a sponge with detergent for cleaning and disinfecting.

Showcase with glasses and plates

When it is completely dry, put back all over again. Take the opportunity to order and placed in front of products with a date of expiration next. It is also the perfect time to review the expiry of medicines. Be eco: leads expired to the pharmacy.

23. Kitchen Textiles, ready

It is also time to put in order the dish towels, aprons and mittens. If you have stains it is best to leave them a few hours to soak in hot water with some ammonia to soften the stains. Then wash them in the washing machine at 30 ° C temperature and if necessary add bleach for colored garments. But if the cloths are badly damaged, throw them. Buy new is also economical, ideal to renovate the kitchen with rags so new colors and prints.

24. A new air bath

New towels, white or bright colors, wild branches and aromatic details (candles, gels ...) will give a fresh fragrance to the bathroom air spring. And speaking of air, it's time to check out the conditioning, change filters and have it ready for summer. If you have the engine air conditioning in the false ceiling of the bathroom, check it thoroughly cleaned before the stay.

25. Skirting and corners

In the corners of the floor dust and dirt to be cleaned thoroughly it accumulates. If the vacuum fails, try a small brush up dust and then aspíralo. The sockets also become dirty and require proper treatment to the material to be. The wood, which are very common, are cleaned with a cloth dampened with mild soap. Dry them well and give some wax.

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