Not have much storage space you will enjoy a tidy house. This seems a contradiction is a fact. And I checked. Because the more space you have, the more you earn. And if you do not have a system or an effective methodology to keep all this volume of memories / cooking pots and others in order, chaos will be installed in your home ready to spend a season looong / clothing.

To avoid this, we miss you a hand with some tips, tricks and very practical ideas for organizing drawers home. And trembles mess!

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Clothes: multiplies the space

Keep at bay the clothes and enjoy a comfortable dressing and more capable. Sure, but how to beat the mountains of clothes? If you are someone that you have more folded garments hung, it is essential to give specific solutions so that everything has its place in the drawer.


Nothing hanging or make endless batteries in the drawer collapsing the minimum contact creating a tangle. The key, according to the guru by Marie Kondo and KonMari method is to keep the folded clothes and vertically. According to her, in the space where you hang 10 pieces of clothing you can save between 20 and 40 folded in the drawer. And what about wrinkles? The clothing does not wrinkle because the double, so the weight is deformed from other articles above. In addition, having the folded clothes vertically, it will be much easier to find her.

Detail drawer with folded shirts with KonMari method

If you organize T-shirts by color, from light to dark, or vice versa, it will be easier to find what you are looking in the drawer


If tend to crumble T-shirts, lingerie gets tangled that laugh of headphone wires. To avoid a pitched battle enfrascarte every morning, it is best separated by type. Where no goals keep bras or panties socks. Once separated content, look for containers, boxes or boxes to store everything. Once chosen the supplement, should organize content in the best way to optimize space.

Saving lingerie

  • fasteners: Place them in parallel with the straps inside the cup, to prevent it from snagging some with others. If you have sets, valued keep them together.
  • Underpants and briefs: Keep them bent, as flat as possible to take up less.
  • Socks: A convenient method is to save space double folded and vertically instead of doing the typical ball sock. It is very easy: Put socks on top of each other, visually divide it into three or four parts as long as they are, and fold into thirds or quarters by the imaginary lines. So that the pack is more compact can wrap the socks with the outermost layer.

small accessories

Lockers are the best option to have in order from scarves or belts to gloves or even jewelry. Tip: for the belts do not deform, keep them coiled in the drawer, placing the most common first line and more casual in the bottom drawer.

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In the kitchen all at a glance

It is split or segment inside drawers with solutions that optimize space and, in turn, will help maintain the orderly and quickly localizable content.

00450037 detail drawer cubertero_


There are many possibilities, from the lockers built into the drawer with the default for everything space, through the tray-like accessories that you can arrange to your liking like a tetris it were up to removable solutions with a handle that you can take, for example, directly to the table. Trays are very practical for cutting knives, as well as keep them in order, gain in security. If you have lots of spices, valued target them part of a drawer.


They have pots and pans haphazardly in the drawer is a robatiempo and robaespacio. There are different solutions that will help you get more out of this drawer, such as wooden pegs, which can move depending on the size of the pots; drawers separators, which prevent the content at home to move through the drawer or supports for lids, which keep subject and vertically in the drawer.


If you are someone who keeps dishes in a drawer instead of in the closet, it is more practical to have wooden pegs delineating drawer space and prevent the plates move and can flake off. Another solution is the plate rack accessories in addition to group the dishes, you can take them straight to the table.

In the bathroom: everything in its place

Gels, cosmetics, perfumes, towels, hair ... Much to save and little space, in most cases where doing so. Again, the key is to think of solutions tailored for everything, it is the only way to ensure they will remain saved in order.

Detail drawer bathroom with compartimentos_ 00458358

Beauty cosmetics and utensils

Transparent boxes with compartments are most useful ally. Designed on purpose to keep from brushes or makeup to hair bands or clips, take advantage of drawer space and leaving the content to help you locate view at a glance what you're looking for.

Gels and perfumes

If you do not want that they are stumbling around in the drawer, with the danger of breaking in the case of perfume bottles, it is best to gather them in a box or high basket. And you can pick it up and take her to the shower (better if it is plastic or, in the case of wood, moisture resistant) and return it to its place in the drawer thus keeping the area clear shower.


Forget storing horizontally and adopts once again, the method for bending KonMari towels and store them vertically. You can do this in two ways: the first is to fold the towel in half twice, then into thirds. The other option is if you want to keep towels in rolls, for it well enough smoothing the towel, fold it in half and then roll it up. Use the method you use, vertically towels in the drawer will remain more in order and in the same space you will fit more.

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In the hall: keep at bay the smallest

Di enough to grab-bag of the hall. Keys, batteries, correspondence, pens, notepads, coins ... Select the content type and organize it with boxes, lockers, compartments, trays ... Choose the system that best suits your needs and you are most practical and Be consistent. If the correspondence has its place in the drawer, get used to leave her there, not on top of the console by haste. The solutions help maintain order, but only perseverance will help preserve it.

Gallery, 14 photos

We invite you to take a look at the gallery where you'll find these ideas implemented and some more tricks. And despídete chaos!