A bar and many drawers and shelves is the starting point for planning your first cabinet. Decorator and owner of the Babyllage shops, Marta Capdevila, tells us that to be really practical, you must organize it for you. "The shelves and hanging bar should be at its height. If the child is not enough clothes or not see, how are you going to learn to dress himself? Convert your wardrobe accessible and visible, it encourages autonomy and makes it part of your order. "

Planning inside your closet

1. Think of them. Are you more shirts shirts? Need more skirts pants? Depending on your clothes, they will need more hanging space or more shelves.

2. Be proactive. Looking for flexible solutions such as adjustable shelves and bars: You can adjust its height to the needs of each stage and extend the life of the closet.

3. Recover. Does the comfortable where you kept your baby clothes? Appreciate to have on hand his underwear, socks, scarves, gloves ... Organize drawers lockers so you do not clutter.

For small

Drawers in order and well used

Marta Capdevila decorator advised to book for the smallest clothes drawers and more sporadic use. "They need to see the clothes, like. If you do not see it, it is as if the garment does not exist. "


They are the most convenient way to organize drawers and achieve their background. Fórralos with cloth to protect delicate garments. If you group the pieces -calcetines type underwear ...- more practical.

Fronts with a plus

Place words or letters to identify the contents of drawers and shelves. Besides being decorative, forcing them to read and get used to keep the clothes always in the same place.

Bar area

better you will take advantage space bar with several areas about 60 or 70 cm. To 6 years it is enough in order to have their coats, pants and dresses.

Hangers. Choose them depending on the size of clothes, so that it is not deformed.

Girl clothes hanging in the closet rod

Ideas to save folded clothes

During the early years, you will need more shelves than hanging space. Because its still small clothes hangers abultarían more than the clothes themselves, wasting useful centimeters.

1. How to Order

Color: It is easier for children to locate the clothes, especially if they are still small distribution.

By season: Leave in the closet only the clothes of the season. The rest, save in boxes in the upper area.

2. Organizing

Shelves. The smaller the space between shelves, the easier it is to maintain order. Ideally, between shelf and shelf has a distance of 30-35cm. For your clothes you just a background of 40 cm.

With loft. Save in less accessible to them, sporadic use garments or other high seasons area. Inside boxes will look neater.

A place for everything

For shoes. Reserve the bottom drawer of a comfortable or a small closed cabinet, and avoid possible odors.

Hats and bags. Together in a rack in view his cap, its preferred placket or collar. It is a way to hand their fetish clothes and, simultaneously, decorate and personalize your room with them.

Small accessories. Hair rubber bands, clips, clamps ... Boxes with compartments grouped and ordered small add-ons that always lost.

Cole Briefcase. So it will not be a hindrance every day, you should find a place. An idea? In a tough weight hanger at the entrance to his room.

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