Often the forgotten team of rest. Increasingly we choose with great care the mattress, but with the pillow seems that all (or almost all) it. But nothing beyond reality. Having the perfect pillow can relieve back pain, poor posture prevent cervical, solve some problems of snoring (yes, yes, what you hear!) And alleviate sleep deprivation.

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Indeed, such is the importance of our rest pillow that experts say we should go literally with her in tow when we go on vacation or to spend the night out. If Linus, the beloved character Mafalda, was always dragging his treasured blanket, perhaps we should consider what we pillow ...

With or without travel pillow, it is important to choose it correctly. We help you to find the most suitable for you.

This pillow ... it's mine!

First of all you should know that the perfect pillow does not exist, but the perfect pillow for you. A subtle but important nuance. And that is ideal for one does not have why be for you.

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Do you share bed? If you want to make a good (and repairing) rest, nothing to share pillow: each with his own.

Experts recommend always sleep with pillow because holds the head and helps you adopt a natural position where musculature is relaxed

How you are and how you sleep

The thickness and firmness are two characteristics that define a pillow. And that depends on them to lay our head on the pillow it seems to us heaven or hell itself in our bed. According to the physique and the preferred sleeping position taken, you should choose a thick or thin, or more or less firmly pillow. In any case, it is essential that at bedtime the spine is straight: since the beginning of the cervical until the end of the back.

On the first point, rest experts argue that in general, people with a stocky build or broad shoulders need a thicker than those narrow shoulders pillow. And share a mathematical formula to discern the thickness: should measure the distance between the end shoulder and ear. The result must be added between two and four centimeters depending on the hardness of the pillow.

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Acierta (finally) with the mattress


Acierta (finally) with the mattress

The pillow according to the sleeping position

  • Upside down: If the position you usually adopted, it is recommended to choose a soft and thin pillow (up to 10 cm thick) because they are too hard breathing difficult in this position.
  • Face up: Or if you change a lot of sleeping position, the best option is a pillow with a thickness (between 10 and 13 cm) and an intermediate firmness as the neck and cervical need to stand without problems.
  • Sideways: You would appreciate that the pillow is firm and high-intermediate thickness (from 13 cm).

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Types of pillows as filling

Of feathers, down, buckwheat (buckwheat), water ... There are many materials used for stuffing pillows, but the three most common today are:


Usually polyester fiber and are characterized by being breathable, fresh and soft pillows. Also, being washable, promote better hygiene at the break.

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It is thermosensitive, that is, reacts to changes in body temperature. And memory effect (memory foam), so its adaptability to the neck and nape morphology is complete, creating an exact mold of both and preventing pressure zones. Therefore, they are a highly recommended choice for people with muscle or circulation problems.


It may be synthetic, naturally occurring or mixture thereof. Latex pillows offer good support to the head and is very suitable for those who sleep on your side or corpulent people. Its internal open cell structure allows greater ventilation, hygiene and durability, this makes it a good choice for those who are allergic to dust mites.

Before you decide, try the pillow and do it in the position in which you usually sleep: head, neck and spine should be aligned

Take care of her and renew it

Nothing is forever, and in the case of the pillows, his life is quite ephemeral. Experts recommend resting renew it every two to five years, depending on the use that has been given, the material and its washings, because eventually lose some of their properties.

It is also very important maintenance. The protective covers should be washed every couple of months since the use accumulate biological residues that favor the proliferation of bacteria. And as for the pillow, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions, since all are not suitable for washing machine.

Gallery, 14 photos

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