A carpet decorated, shelters and can completely transform a room. Of course, to always look like the first day, you need to keep appropriately. Here are some tricks to be always perfect!

Francisco Cumellas, an expert on contemporary rugs, the first tip is more than clear: "To extend the life of our carpets is essential to vacuum and if spilling any liquid, clean it immediately, not letting it dry." Yes, to clean those stains, and all the tricks used, or can be applied to all carpets.

Each type of carpet maintenance

If you have a wool carpet, it is best to suck once a week. If it is too new, expected to be a little used. And, if it is a Handmade carpet knots, It is even better clean with a damp cloth in the direction of the hair and then letting it dry.

As for the cotton rugs, Besides vacuuming, you can also wash them in cold water or dry.

The carpet fibers, if they are synthetic - nylon, polyester or polypropylene-are very resistant and easy to keep clean, and if vegetables, Maybe it's vacuuming daily or, if heavily soiled, clean them dry; for the Coconut carpets, in particular, it uses a stiff brush for dry cleaning.

What stain want to get?

Francisco Cumellas tells his tricks to remove all stains from your carpet. And start telling us what can happen if you have a pet. Committed as it is to animals, lives with eight dogs adopted "so it is very normal to have to remove stains 'unwanted' often. Use a solution of warm water with 'soap' ammonia to wool carpet, felt, acrylic carpets short hair and even polyester ".

And still with fruit stains, coffee, tea, milk, cocoa, wine, sauces or egg. He tells us that "it is best to use warm water with detergent and vinegar. Apply the solution with a damp sponge, after a the clean with a cloth and let it dry minute. "

"If you want to delete are oil stains, ink, wax, bitumen, cream, grease or tar you must use a solvent for dry cleaning. And paint stains, acetone, nail polish, lipstick or gum, after applying solvent for dry cleaning must moisten with a solution of warm water with detergent and vinegar, and end with a new application solvent " he says.

And if we want to remove the stain is mud or dirt, "we should let it dry well and once dry, brush to apply after a preparation of water and ammonia -three parts water by the ammonia."

In all cases, before applying the cleaner, Cumellas recommends "test color fastness of carpet in an inconspicuous corner of this and apply the products gently". different case is if we do a thorough cleaning of our carpet. To do this, it is advisable to turn to specialized centers and especificarles "the quality of the carpet to ensure proper cleaning, before which should make a small test in an inconspicuous to ensure optimal results without damaging the piece place."

¿Clean your carpets at home or take it to the dry cleaners? Tell us in the comments.