Boxes and baskets not only help remove through small objects, clothes or accessories that normally accumulate on any surface, but also help organize. If we choose different measures we can sort objects by type, by size or frequency of use. Best of all is that fit into any space, because its charm is in tune, but that adds warmth and a natural touch. In point of order, boxes and baskets are indispensable allies.

Very useful in the classroom

Remote controls, books, magazines ... The coffee table can be a real wastebasket where we accumulate a bit of everything. Boxes and baskets will help you avoid it. The former are very useful to bring together the various controls, while baskets are very practical in the shelves. You can use them as a magazine rack or keep candles or books usually have top when the table is used to serve tea or coffee.

Lounge table with boxes under

rustic touch

If you have a fireplace, a basket with handle is perfect for carrying and storing logs, pine cones and branches that you use to turn on. It is very decorative and you can even use it as rustic hollow center to decorate the fireplace when not on.

Your stuff always at hand

Use the baskets to keep objects close to where they are used. Example: books with reading area and handbags and scarves on a bench in the hall. Put them under a cabinet rather than subtract space.

Also as pantry

In the kitchen, the baskets are ideal for foods that do not need a fridge as potatoes, onions or some seasonal fruit. Also with a holster they are perfect as a breadbox, as the bread "hold" better contact with the cloth in a plastic container. The boxes, meanwhile, are ideal for foods that soften or harden with the passage of time, like cookies or muffins. Metal are very decorative. it is always better to be airtight.

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Well-organized interior

In the deep drawers, baskets prevent the boats are untidy. In a standard box (60 cm wide x 60 background) will fit four baskets 30 x 30 cm. Front keeps more boats use (pasta and flour type) and behind those who do not need often.

Wooden box with jars of jam

To serve and clear the table

Baskets with compartments, for cutlery, are very practical in the kitchen. You can use them in the work area to gather the tools you use most or transport table service and oil at lunchtime.

Easier to locate

Fiber, fabric, cardboard, methacrylate ... storage boxes for cabinet interiors are almost endless. In an open closet baskets fibers are decorative and practical at the same time. Select them as they go to house -calculates about 40 cm wide for shirts and jerséis- and if the forras fabrics, besides being more decorative, better protect her clothes. Put the most bulky boxes on top of the cabinet and, if you can, identifies its contents.

Keep your accessories

Round boxes, hat type, are ideal for storing belts, as they prevent warping. But for more practical bags are big boxes, container type. To save space, keep the soft bags within rigid.

For the most delicate

Silk scarves, special underwear, jewelry ... The boxes are your best allies to keep localized and your little treasures safe. In the case of handkerchiefs, if they have inner box it will be easier to find them.

By way of dramatically enhances

Baskets are an almost indispensable element in bathrooms with cantilevered shelves. It is the best thing destinies each box to an object type: one for towels, one for gels .... In shared bathrooms, another option is that each have its own basket to store your things. The newest, Lidan line like Ikea, are made with polypropylene very moisture resistant and machine washable. If you use a wooden box in the bathroom, treat it with exterior clear varnish to protect it.

Bathroom with baskets in dramatically enhances

The best presentation

Do they come visiting friends and want to have the bathroom ready for them? A basket will help present a more orderly and decorative towels and soaps way. With about 20 x 15 cm it will be enough to have folded or rolled a couple of hand towels and some soap.

Toys and clothes in order

A fabric cover, a label with the name, a drawing ... In the kids room is very handy customize the boxes and baskets. It will be easier to order solitos her clothes and toys, and no longer have to call Mom to find what they want.