They resist being ordered. But you have to be stronger. Imponte. Be serious. And do not miss them. Just being constant get to lockers hall, the cleaning and children (ay, children ...) are a temple of order. If you manage to hold them off, your life will improve. And you'll be happier. Worth, right?

In the hall

1. The ideal furniture for the hall is the one that has room to let you take off you when you come home and what you wear before leaving. So, jacket, bag, shoes ... Ideally it a unique piece of furniture that meets all, but if you have room for a large piece of furniture, distributes smaller pieces that make you the same service.

2. You need hangers. At least one for each family member. They can be hooks attached to the wall or to the rear of the cabinet or if you do not want clothes is visible, a bar in a locked cabinet. If space is tight, are very useful removable bars that hang clothes in front, one behind the other (not profile as a normal bar).

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3. And shelves and drawers. Shelves for bags and drawers for accessories like scarves, hats, gloves, helmets ... If you have drawers, groups as small boxes, and better be all equal (at least of the same material) to not generate visual chaos.

4. A mini bank. Its function is very clear: to sit at CalzArte when you go and descalzarte when you arrive. Therefore, it is best that this bank has room underneath to store shoes whole family (and house slippers). No need to be large, with about 80 cm wide and about 50-60 cm high will be perfect. If space for shoes is always closed will look neater.

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5. And some closet. At the top, a door cabinets are perfect for storing bags and accessories for another season, in boxes. If there is extra space, these tall cabinets can be a perfect place for items such as batteries, light bulbs ... place Already will not be lost anymore! And you desahogarás other cabinets in the house.

6. Say no to the hangers. They end up being "the monster wraps"Because in their jackets, bags, scarves pile up ... they stagger under the weight and it is almost impossible to find what you want without removing all (and losing precious time right at the moment you have more quickly). So you know, the racks, wall better be.

The cleaning closet

7. The ideal furniture It is the one that lets you get together (not scrambled) all the products you need to clean your house. Yes, clean the floor and crystals, but also for washing machine detergents. And it is that the most practical would set aside a corner of the kitchen or laundry to install the washing area (with washer, dryer and even a small sink to treat more stubborn before putting them to wash stains).


8. Create a high hollow. And will end the odious feeling of not knowing where to put the broom, mop, iron table ... you need a gap of about 140 cm high for these tall objects. Ah! Another tip: better keep them in profile, because if you put one after another have to take everything out when you want to take what is at the bottom.

9. A shelf, a use. It is most convenient, allocate each shelf or rack cabinet to store products for a specific use: the wash, so to clean the bathroom, ground ... Keep cleaning products in containers with handles, as well It is very easy to get them out of the closet, take them where you need them and then save them again.

10. Give use doors. The inside of the cabinet doors are a place you should not give up. Put hooks to hang duster, rags ... small and very shallow shelves (if not, you can not close the doors) for small items that can not be hung.

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11. Look up. At the top of the closet, in the less accessible shelves, keep toxic products to keep them out of reach of children and pets. You can also allocate a higher shelf to spare toilet paper and kitchen.

12. Now the center. In the closet area that is at the height of your eyes can create these shelves by areas (laundry, bathroom, kitchen ...). You will also need a place to store spare parts rags, sponges, gloves, pads ... Come on, all products and accessories you use when cleaning.

13. And down? In the bottom of the closet you need a large space to store items such as mop bucket, vacuum cleaner, a bucket ... If you have a vacuum cleaner running on battery, it is very convenient that the cabinet has a plug in to recharge while it stored.

14. Beware ... The size and quantity of cleaning products and accessories. Because for an apartment of 50 m2 you do not need a bucket not a broom and because industrial cleaner parts each have enough. Is buying more complicated order.

Children's wardrobe

15. Make involved. Ideally organize the closet children with them. If you do you will help participants know where everything is and, ultimately, be more autonomous and more aware of how important it is to order the house. Yes, choose a day that you may have enough time (not less than 3 hours) and decide together where everything goes.


16. First, beam cleaning. Before you put you sort clothes, brush up. Sure there are clothes that have outgrown them, or that they no longer like or that are too worn out ... So you not only will gain space inside the amario, but you will be aware of if you need to buy something new.

17. The perfect closet You must have at its height garments they use every day. It is the best way to catch both arriving before dressing to keep it ... and they order themselves your closet! With a wardrobe designed for them to avoid the clutter in your room you can stop being a dream.

18. The bar 150 cm. So you make sure that is accessible to them (at most, will have to climb a step). Here you hang up shirts, jackets and dresses. Ideally, no more than one garment hang on every hook, because if not, those below and are not cost more to locate. And if you're creating a new wardrobe for kids, remember that they usually have more folded garments hung, so you need more shelves or drawers bar area.

19. shelves, what practices! They will keep folded clothes, such as shirts, sweaters ... Book lower shelves of the cabinet (more accessible to children) seasonal clothes, and do not forget to reserve a room for pajamas. On shelves above, which only get you, keeps clothes out of season.

20. Drawers, missing. They are perfect for storing underwear (would be perfect that could have a drawer for socks, another for panties or briefs, vests one for ...). If this is not the case and for example you have to keep together socks and underpants, uses organizers to not mix with each other.

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Alicia Iglesias's advice

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  • The three cabinets have analyzed, like many other cabinets in the home, have something in common: all different things are stored. And that always tends to chaos. Want to help?
  • Create zones is the solution. This technique involves creating families of objects and target them to keep a fixed space. For example, medicines. What you have them all together and in a particular place? Well that's the medicine chest area.
  • As many as you need. Other areas of order can be an area of ​​stationery (paper, pens, envelopes ...), an area of ​​tools, Christmas area (to save all the trimmings together), a sport zone, other craft ... It depends on your habits and your lifestyle.

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