Instead of trying to hide a pillar, give a utility: it rests on a shelf and win a new storage area.

Having a pillar or column in the middle of a stay does not have to be a problem. Instead of trying to hide something quite complicated-you can use it to earn a small storage area, as in this project decorator Juan Servera.

Here, there has been an open library that has the same dimensions as the pier itself (about 30 x 30 x 2.5 m). Thus, this is integrated and "hidden" within a structure as also serves to demarcate areas inside the bedroom.

If you plan a similar shelf, make sure you finish and color shared with the pillar to give an impression of unity. If it is open, like this, you reduce the presence of the pillar and allow the passage of light. When fixing, it is more practical to go anchored to the ceiling with screws hidden with adhesive covers the same color. It distributes the distance from the shelves depending on what they host. Most bulky and heavy, better at the bottom.

Stands a pillar

Here it is integrated onto furniture, but you can also highlight it with wood or wallpaper. Highlight is easier to hide.


Seize the wall retranqueo just 30 cm. By having symmetrical recesses, increases the sense of order.


Try to pillar and shelf are the same color. Note that the DM will always be somewhat brighter than the paint finish.

More useful

Thanks to the attached shelf, the presence of the pillar loses "hardness". It happens to be a nuisance to a useful and decorative element simultaneously.


About 30 x 30 cm are sufficient to store books and magazines. Plan the distance between them based on their content.

wins order

Locates books or bulky items on the bottom shelf. All that remains below the eye is less.


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