Summer comes and the streets are filled with sandals ... and scaffolding! It is the time of year when more rehabilitation and reforms are made, and of course, green mesh so, one begins to feel like home also improve. If you too have caught the "Green network syndrome", Will come in handy to know what not to miss in requesting budgets. So you avoid losing money (and patience).

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Company data

Make sure that comprise the name of the professional or trade name of the company, address, tax identification number, telephone and, if the autonomous community requires registration, business registration number. Also you must contain your name and address as a customer and type of work, installation ... to be performed.

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Change the chip and reform your flat successful ... without stress!

3 Keys

Change the chip and reform your flat successful ... without stress!

Prices, broken down

In addition to include the total price of the order (including taxes), asks detailing each specific item of the work with unit prices, that is, it has to be clear about the type of work to be done, the cost of labor ( hourly, daily, meters ...), the materials to be (quality and quantity) used and the price per square meter, unit, etc.


This will be very useful for comparing item by item, request several quotes and sales if that one is overvalued.

Check either not on or missing anything calculated to avoid any unpleasant surprises. No one better than you to know.

The form of payment

It should be very clear. Payment is usually made at the beginning and the end. The OCU recommends not advance more than 25% of the work and ask for receipts for each payment. And it requires VAT invoices, is the only way to deducirte works, apply for grants or claim if necessary.



  • If malfunctions or other unforeseen arise during the work ... and expensive the initial budget (must be signed and sealed), the company must communicate it in writing and you must approve it: can not charge for work not accepted or previously budgeted. In case of disagreement, you can claim the company that fits the initial price.
  • If you have already paid part of the price or anything ... and the company refuses to continue the work, you can request termination of the contract and compensation for damages. To claim and resolve such conflicts, delays in work ... very useful to have agreed submission to institutional arbitration of consumption, faster and economical process (not a barrister and solicitor required) that the judicial route. Find your Municipal Office of Consumer Information (OMIC).

Watch out guarantees!

They should appear. Both the guarantee of reform elements (can be different) as the effect of the total price, and also must consist dates of start and end of the assignment. You can even agree on compensation for delays and reflect it in the budget, for example, that the professional must pay a penalty of € 60 per day of delay. It should also include a clause of submission to institutional arbitration consumer an alternative to the courts in case of conflict.

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And now ... ask at least 3 quotes

Ask everyone the same level of detail. It will be easier to compare them. If you have questions, ask. Do not leave anything for granted because then come the surprises. And of course, opt for professional references.

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Keep in mind everything that you have discussed and planned and planned spending time with, get what you want. Your goal: 0% problems.