When we do not have a well-planned space to store clothes and accessories, then we launched into the dispersion. Ie a closet here, a comfortable over there, a shoemaker furniture in the corridor, a chiffonier for small clothing ... And all we get is spend the day side to side of the room or house looking garments to dress in different places.

Simplify your life: all in one place

It is best to group all the clothes and accessories and put them in one place. If you do not have a spare room or closet where to place an open, choose a large closet.

Mira (and measures) twice if you fit a dresser or closet

First, find the ideal space. Do you think you have no place? While such measures bedroom wall where there is now only one dresser or a table, transforms that empty or full of junk room, brings to aisle width ... You may have overlooked corners well suited to become your dressing.

If you decide on a closet ...

Many times we fall into the mistake of choosing a smaller and less convenient to not occupy the entire length and height of the wall cabinet. But, on reflection, would it not be better use of all that space? If you choose a custom closet and neutral design it will be fully integrated, almost as if it were a wardrobe, and you will have plenty of space.

¿Hinged or sliding doors?

Choose hinged or sliding doors it depends on the space you have between the cabinet and other furniture, such as beds. If it is too small, the sliding doors will be more comfortable. But if you have enough space the swing will allow you to easily access each module.

blessed hall

Do you have a wide corridor? Well, then I say goodbye to the problems of lack of space. Although it may seem to drown this area step by placing a cupboard it is certain that'll be gaining comfort and order, and get used to having that cabinet within days. And more when you see how practical it is you! Bedding, towels, another season ... you can save everything.

Doorless closet ...!

The advantages of an open closet with no doors or without back, is that it is much cheaper. The handicap is that it will be much more careful with the order and all items will be more exposed.

Gallery, 10 photos

In the gallery you will find ten examples to inspire you and finally fulfill one of your dreams: to have a dressing room or a giant closet where have all your clothes and accessories in order and located in one place. Do not give up too soon, maybe yes dispongas space required, but you have not yet detected.