If when you go to sleep you do not know how to get to the room of fatigue crawl, you may not have seen the possibilities your headboard. So we bring you 8 different proposals so that you give the attention it deserves. With a shelf, integrated lights or hollow to save ... Discover all decorative and hidden storage possibilities.

1. Natural stone

Bedroom with stone wall of Santanyí, Mallorca

This is ideal for leaving books and supporting pictures, wall has a craftsman and very natural air that makes all the decoration of the bedroom. It is made with stone from Santanyí, Majorca. The head occupies the entire width of the wall and has a bottom 20 cm. Wooden furniture, natural fiber baskets and flowers on the nightstands stay will give this rustic and natural touch that requires such a proposal.

2. Under the window

Bedroom as white with headboard under the window and textiles in blue

Take advantage of this dead space of the room and placed a headboard to put the bed. Its 25 cm deep "hidden" extra storage space under the top cover. Remember to place those objects that you use less to avoid having to constantly open. This proposal Une Projects made of wood and painted white also allow you to enjoy the sun while you're in bed. Is there a better plan for weekend mornings?

3. nightstands and integrated light

Bedroom with headboard as gray lacquered MDF, bed and window with curtain beig

If you are thinking of redoing the head, maybe this option decorator Jeanette Trensig inspire you. It is custom made with DM lacquered in gray. With only 15 cm deep, is able to integrate two hoses and electrical installation to hide the cables are not visible. It also includes two nightstands straight lines, getting fit and collect the bed. A large box can be a good choice if you like minimal decor.

4. work

Bedroom with headboard with shelf wood work, alcoves and two windows

Give prominence to the bed and frame it with a wall construction with a wooden top. Instead of putting nightstands, it includes two hornacillas to 20 cm either side of the bed so accessible. The holes are 20 cm deep and 30 high and include a shelf means to make the most. Books, candles, Buddha ... surround yourself with everything that you like and relaxes you to sleep and rest.

5. As a palace

light gray and white country-style wooden beamed bedroom

This proposal is for you if you have always wanted to feel like in a palace. The headboard is made of wood and is painted in gray; It has two clamps for clamping iron drops hanging linen crown fixed in the center of the wall. Bedding and white stripes painted in thick black and gray wall completes the styling of this small, bright room. Nightstands are also key to add personality to the decoration pieces.

6. Sleeping with company

Bedroom with headboard shelf as around the window

They say three's a crowd, but if you're talking about writers truth is that we do not care. Surround yourself with the best books this proposal headboard library. Maximize the space around the window and bed to build a library and place as your favorite works. In the bottom of the window lies the head with wide enough background to place lights and so podeer hours reading in bed.

7. Inspired by nature

small bedroom rustic white bed, headboard and natural fiber rug

Like the natural style? For the Esparto it is for you. This headboard only 5 centimeters and honey bring authenticity and shape the character of your bedroom. You will not need much decoration. Pair it with a matching rug at the foot of the bed, pillows and textiles warm white and win. This project Estela Gomez, Catalina House, is perfect for small rural stays.

8. A British air

Bedroom with metal bed and wall and furniture painted in blue on white paper

Everything returns and headboards that formerly had our grandmothers at home, too. This option reinterprets traditional handcrafted headboards wrought iron, but with a lighter and easier to maintain material. The structure in white linen and floral print make it more acogerdora. COMBINE bed with a painted wall with British inspiration to complete the English paper look.