Well, no. No need to place all your hopes in magic to bring up a magnificent wardrobe in your bedroom terse. Only wit and calculating, much calculation. But we do not want to miss out on impossible equations, we will do them for you. Here you have four dressing rooms millimeter created for maximum capacity and not to overfill the space. We see?

Behind the headboard

This cabinet has history. The structure is made of lacquered MDF but the doors are of an old closet decorator and owner, Patricia Pratmarsó.


Recovered doors add style and lower the cost of custom closet

Between the headboard and lockers are free about 100 cm, enough to open the doors and to move. The dressing is composed of two twin closets and a central area with shelves, and each has its own closet and conflicts are avoided. Ah! And every body has applied for thoroughly.

In a hallway, curtains

What can you do to reduce the space you need a closet? Without their doors. Win meters, and also will be cheaper.


If you let the curtains dragged a little wardrobe will look more elegant

But this closet, work Fusteria Sais, is not only original for that, also because it combines microcemento and wood. Microcemento has been used for box closet and cedar pine shelves and the top band top bar curtains and serves as support for sconces. Microcemento is the same lining the shower and has the same color as the linen curtains (Margarita Ventura).

In "L" in a garret

I live in a garret is very romantic, but the ceiling height poses more of a challenge. A good way to make the lower part is to create a dressing area with modules 140 cm high.


140 cm is more than enough height to a cupboard in which to hang shirts and jackets and pedestals area for folded clothes

It is what has made the decorator Elena Jiménez in her own bedroom. It has become the most difficult corner in a dressing "L" with a locker area on one side and drawers with glass fronts, on the other. All white lacquered DM and linen curtains inside the doors.

A partition become cabinet

Becomes a partition wall in a cabinet. Why not? Closet space and separate you earn a lot of storage.


If you do cabinet 40 cm deep have room for folded clothes and if you do 60 cm, you can hang

If instead of wooden doors you put glass doors, it will be lighter. Yes, to hide the clothes, put some curtains, as here, the same color as the cabinet doors.

If you want to see how they are distributed inside and the most appropriate for each of them, measures enter our gallery and do not miss detail.

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