If you are someone in the class of plastic scraping aprobabas always we have the perfect DIY for you to take out the thorn, once and for all. Transform typical cupboard having everyone or inheritance in a single piece of furniture (in the world). And it really is not complicated, nor need be to Bricomanía to get it.

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The first step? A facelift

And that there is nothing better than a coat of paint. Yes, if a layer is sufficient. Crafty little if besides not have much time you can with paint chalk, chalk paint type, and so do not have to prepare or varnishing the furniture before. With that you pass a damp cloth to remove dust and dry it and have it ready for painting.

Painting from top to bottom

Although it seems obvious, it is the best way to paint a piece so that the drippings do not tarnish what is already painted. Its size, it is best to use a slightly wider brush (if a wall is always better roller). So that the result is professional serves his is that drawers and doors to paint them.

Just outside

Do the test. Just paint the exterior of the cupboard, untouched shelves and back, change is already spectacular. Choose a color that fits well with the type of wood furniture. Here is a gray clarito is perfect with the honey-colored wood.


Give a hoot

Although the proven rear unpainted and looks good. Why not forras with a print paper? The result then if it will impact. Especially if you choose a role a little bold and colorful, like this floral design Sandberg.

I was ready, put it easy

If you do not want to hook you up with're tails you just with fingers and paper glued to wind you can do it yourself with a stapler. In this way you get the list back into a plis plas.

And the finishing touch

Quiet, very nearly we are. Completes the transformation of your pantry with new shooters. So you do not need to make new holes choose a model that fits that left the original shooter, as these vintage air Zara Home. And now. You've got a brand new cupboard.

Gallery, 6 photos

If you want to see the transformation step by step do not miss the gallery. You'll see much clearer (and simple).