Have you also discovered the soothing power of crochet? If further with your own hands ... you can do wonders! For some time the hook is no longer a matter of grandmothers and returns to trend. And, of course, also in decoration.

In case you still have any doubts that crochet can fit with existing environments have prepared a gallery full of ideas and very stylish DIY to decorate or dress the table with these handmade accessories. Decorate your home with accessories and details made for you!

A doily lamp

Retrieves the mats you inherited from your grandmother and give it another try turning them into a delicate lamp. But you have rugs like this, you can find them at flea markets and neighborhood stores or make yourself.

Lamp crochet result

The trick is to combine mats of various shapes and designs for a single lamp with which give a personal touch to your living room.

What you need:

  • Lace. You need 20 to 30 mats, depending on their size. Select them thick yarn that stand up in the weight of the lamp.
  • Balloon. Buy them about 80 cm in diameter. The punch ball balloons are spherical and you will be better than the classic oval.
  • Tail. To the paste, mix ½ cup white glue, 1/4 liter of warm water and half a cup of cornmeal.

Step by step

Blows. Do it slowly and carefully, uninflated balloon excessively. Buy several reserve because they tend to break in the process.

Paste. Mats soaked with glue and place them on top of the globe without leaving gaps. Sticking half and let dry two days.

Part by part. Rotating the balloon and works the other half. Leave a space above to pass the holder. Click the balloon, pluck it out and mount the lamp.

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A garland of colored lace

Perfect for decorating a children's party or put some color in the bedroom of girls. You need some lace colors and a tip (you can buy it in the haberdashery) somewhat longer than the space it will occupy. Sews lace trying to be at the same distance (about 15 cm). Look at the image gallery how good it is.

If you leave more space between the lace you can take to hang your kids' drawings.

Textiles point table

Maybe place a huge crocheted tablecloth would be somewhat exaggerated or too bold, but ... what about small details? Look at how well the gallery are elements of crochet as a bajoplato, table cloth on a tablecloth or napkin rings. A hoot!


Boats custom kitchen

A mat and tie. It is all you need to turn a simple jar of preserves in a decorative detail to your kitchen or a unique gift with the charm of the handmade. Choose the tie color depending on the contents of the jar.

Aromatic. If you want the boat is aromatic, prepare your own lavender salt by mixing coarse salt and dried lavender.

Crochet from head to toe

If, as it sounds. If you have good hand with crochet and like to spend time you can even make your own carpets and headboards. A round rug with a design motif in bicolor look great in the kids room. What do you want a bedroom with own label? Get to work and make a headboard like this. You will be enough hooks or hangers into place. Over Original impossible!

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If you do not dare to crochet, you can always buy it already done. This headboard is Fina Badia Knit Studio.

Still you have not encouraged started in the world of crochet? Taste and see what tasty, relaxing and fun it is. You can do everything from decorating details to stuffed animals, clothes, accessories ... Look, here's more ideas.

Gallery, 14 photos