We propose a game: to transform a common comfortable, in this case the Tarva Ikea in one piece. And so you can choose the most suitable option for you we share 3 easy ideas and most resultón: one for your bedroom, one for the nursery and a practical third to have in order (and decorating) household linen . Choose yours ... and play!

1. For the bedroom: personalize it with wallpaper

Detail comfortable lined with flowered wallpaper

Is easier than it looks like. Simply take measures well and place the paper carefully. And presto! Already you have a comfortable in a million. Follow these tips and success is guaranteed.

- Paper. Choose a design that matches your bedroom. Cut it to fit the drawers and remove the handles. A tip: buy some extra roll to deal with contingencies. This is Sandberg.

- Tail. To prevent the paper off, I encólalo well and also the drawer fronts. Paste gently pressing to make it bubble. And if you've chosen a painted patterned paper, try these match.

- The drawers. If you want the whole more finished look, also lines the inside of the drawers. You can use the same paper or choose another that complements. For example, if you have chosen a pattern for design fronts, you can choose one smooth for the interiors of the drawers to match the colors of the print. When dry, place the shooters. And ready!

Stylist tricks

Comfortable detail drawer open to show how to glue the paper which has been papered

  • Perfect finish. If you painted the dresser, go to the edges of the drawers of the same color as the structure and will look more finished.
  • Glued corners. To make sure that the paper does not lift off or corners will rise with use, put a few drops of extra tail at the corners of the paper.

2. For children: with multicolored vinyl

Semitoma comfortable white decorated with colored dots

If there is a room of the house in which we want to let our creativity and care of every detail to the extent this is the children's room. And customize your comfortable clothes with a sticker is a simple option with spectacular results. This is our proposal:

- Paint it. Vinyl to stand out more, it is best to paint the comfortable white or a soft pastel color that serves as a canvas on which coloring.

- With care. The key to success is to stick vinyl carefully. In this case, we have chosen a design shaped concentric based colored dots My Vinyl circles. To give a more personal touch even if possible, we suggest that cuts the two outer lines of vinyl. Save them! You will use later. Vinyl paste in the center of the dresser and pressed while the transfer take off.

- The final touch. With vinyl you have booked, splashes comfortable with small colored dots. Depending on the age of your child, you can invite you to give you a hand in this mission. Surely you will love.

The trick stylist

Hand detail in a comfortable placing stikers

  • Well placed. Sure you're thinking, how do I make the main figure, in this case the spiral is centered on the dresser? Very easy: mark with a pencil end and so you make sure to position the vinyl where you want. Do not press and so then you can delete it with a rubber band.

3. For casual home: everything in its place

Semitoma comfortable gray letters indicating the content

If you have appointed a cabinet to store clothes from home because I did not decorate to give prominence? Bastan few letters, they can buy made or customize them to your liking with paint, for another look comfortable.

- Contrast. The letters stand for is important that there is a color contrast between the comfortable and letters. That is, if you choose wooden letters, as here, the ideal is that you paint the dresser with a color that allow it to appreciate good. We have opted for a soft gray. To make it easier, we have used a painting chalk as it is not necessary to prepare the furniture before painting.

- Where should you place. Once the paint is dry, mark the location of the letters so that they are centered. Being wood, these (for very much) have stuck with a special wood glue.

- From letter to letter. It will be better if the gap between letters is always the same, for example 1 or 1.5 cm. The best way is to mark it beforehand, and avoid mistakes and having to take off the letters.

The trick stylist

Hand detail by placing letters in a comfortable

  • In line. If you want the letters of each drawer are properly aligned before gluing them using a level as a guide or a strip of wood, as has been done here. You can mark the start and end of the letters with a pencil or let letters rest on the bar while posers one by one.