Open the door and enjoy the moment a cozy space. This is possible if you decorate the hall to detail. Today we offer a guide to decorate up and down your hall; We accompanied her three special items for you to look right looks the hall that you imagine in your house style greeters; small foyers and rustic greeters. Which one do you prefer?

Creates different spaces

  • The most important thing is to not give any centimeter lost. But hey !, neither hardfacing.
  • The hall and areas adjacent passage can become a vital space relief for the rest of the house. To recharge not excessively sure before the step width is at least 90 cm.
  • When entering a place gaze he turns to the right and forward. Therefore, the elements placed on that side.
  • Make use of rugs to define areas of the hall. If long hair, choose it with body so that it is not displaced and prevent tripping.
  • If your hallway is narrow but very high, you can opt for a loft, and if you have space between two pillars, amario better plan a wardrobe.