The screens provide health, safety and design bathrooms today. We show a lot of options: choose yours. 

Until recently a bath screen you are only asked to avoid splashing water that reached the outside and keep the temperature of the shower. But today's screen has gained a high profile as a decorative element of the bathroom. Now your choice depends on the aesthetic is sought and the available budget, as there is a wide range of screens (from 300 € to more than 2,000 €). Thus, the first screens have evolved to become transparent elements with anchoring hinges that are integrated into bathroom decor.

Choose the model

Before choosing a screen, you have to consider who will be the users. Not the same use that can give you a couple of adults that a family with children or an elderly person. The structure and size of the bathroom, and the distribution of its elements will also determine the type of screen (front entry corner, with sliding door ...). If the bathroom is small, for example, it is best to opt for a partition of sliding doors, since the folding need a free space in front of them to open and close comfortably.

Finishes last

The screens can be glass or acrylic panels. It is important that the glass are manufactured with safety panels, if broken, would break down into small pieces that will not become detached from the structure. Glass thickness should be between 4 and 10 mm.

Whether as responsible as if you opt for a series model, the decorative offer is very wide, since there are many -mates finishes, etched with silkscreen ... -. Transparent are a good choice for small bathrooms because they provide feeling of spaciousness and allow natural light to flow. Faced with these, there are designs that can be customized in terms of textures, colors and decorations. They come in color, tinted prints and bright colors.

The finish may also depend on the level of privacy you want to achieve. Acrylic screens are very light and up to 30% cheaper than glass. They may also be in a variety of finishes. Although easily scratched, lime stains better than glass in disguise. Therefore, they can be a perfect choice when there are children at home or when you are going to give heavy use the shower.