Tell me what uses will you give your terrace or exit to the outside and tell you what your basic furniture is essential. And it is that unless you have a porch size XL, everything will not fit. So prioritize plays. Are you more than lie in the sun (or shade) and enjoy the dolce far niente or do not understand the summer without meals al fresco with family and friends? If the meters are a problem, stay with what makes you happier and amuéblalo to make the most of. We miss a hand.

Eating al fresco

Have the meters you have a room without a table and chairs (or bench) is not dining. These will be your basic.

To few meters

If your balcony is small, it bets on an extendable table to grow just when you need it. As for the chairs, armless better because they take up less space. Folding dining room are perfect for a removable or waxes and wanes according to your needs. A very practical alternative to the chairs are banks, since they give extra seats. If you choose to warehouse space you can save from the mats or cushions to small accessories such as candles or baskets.

Summer dining porch with armchairs fibers in blanco_428052

For large terraces

Not have many meters you should opt for the larger table market. Choose the design thinking of your needs: if you are accustomed to reunite many at home, do not hesitate: Go for a table size Von Trapp family! But if summer meals are usually in small committee, perhaps it is better to buy a design appropriate to your needs and complete with very practical aids such as a waitress.

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Furniture and accessories to enjoy the outside

A summer be made to measure

The possibilities are many and varied: sofas, armchairs, chairs, stools, puffs ...

To few meters

Custom furniture will be your best choice. If you can, do not hesitate: sofa work "L" to take a corner or a wooden structure or -versátiles pallets and very fashion-, as a bank or chill out meters will squeeze the maximum. If you prefer a more conventional option, valued choosing a sofa or several armchairs, which will give more play. In any event, looking designs of straight lines and prevents the fibers tend to be more bulky. Wood, iron and (very light) aluminum are a good choice will depend on your tastes and style you want to give your terrace. Complete the room with a coffee table or a couple of puffs that also serve as extra seat and footrest can function table. Valóralo.

Terrace with bench and armchair fibras_433782

For large terraces

The limit is put your needs. A sofa (or two!), A couple of chairs, a table comfortably center, a coffee table, puffs, a suspended swing ... Organize your room to feel comfortable. As for materials, a natural choice and very perfect fashion for porches or covered terraces is the Esparto. Otherwise, you can always choose synthetic fibers (zero maintenance), wood (choose it with protective treatments to the outside), iron (sensitive to water and salt) and aluminum (light and resistant to water and sun ).

Summer sun or lying in the sun

Solarium Queen is still the chair. Perfect for sun bathe or relax with a reading in the shade.

Exterior with pool and tumbonas_436699

Before choosing, you think if you're going to move as usual. If so, choose a design that is lightweight wheels, you'll thank. Beach chairs, a hybrid between chair and chair, are a good alternative to few meters: occupy less and they are folding. And if you have a garden, why not have the pleasure of installing a hammock? Naps in the shade of a tree will be epic.

Very useful adjuncts


They are a staple that gives comfort. Tip: choose base for textiles (covers chairs, mats ...) special fabrics for outdoor use, although more expensive, will last longer and in better condition. And above all, light colors give more feeling of freshness and not as hot as dark. Booking notes color for removable cushions, plaids ... easy to renew as fashion.


And why not dress the outside? It makes it much more pleasant to walk barefoot, especially in soils that can overheat, such as ceramic or stone. Natural fiber carpets give a very fresh and summery note. If you want color, the vinyls are very practical: wear-resistant and stain are washable and are available in a wide range of designs.


Although not go to dinner at candlelight, they are a practical accessory that creates atmosphere. In addition, they are decorative by themselves and the investment is minimal.


They complement the most versatile, whether to keep handy magazines or books you are reading to keep the cushions and plaids when you do not need. In addition, they give a very natural touch to your terrace. And they are in!

Gallery, 22 photos
Furniture and accessories to enjoy the outside

Be inspired by the ideas and proposals that have gathered in the gallery and found the dining table or chair that you take time looking at the mall. ¿Terraceamos?