Shelter from the sun in the shade of a leafy tree, eat under a fragrant wisteria, enjoy the coolness of a meal next to a pier overlooking the lake ... In summer the outside become protagonists and anywhere outdoors is likely to transformed into a cool outdoor dining.

Dining porch rustic house

Whether in the countryside, in a garden overlooking the Sierra, on the porch or on an urban terrace, this selection you find good ideas and a lot of inspiration to create your corner outdoors and make him the space star summer. Family meals, dinners with friends, a weekend snack or a drink under the stars ... are open 24 hours.

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If you want to take advantage of the outdoor dining at any time of day olivides not think in the shade. Natural pergolas, such as wattle or coated with vines, vines or flowers such as wisteria, are much less forceful than the work, metal or wood, and transform your room into a garden. If you do not have yours yet, take this gallery and create your own summer scene.