Alegra that house! And we encourage you to do it in a very natural way: with flowers. This time with lots of color. For more alive as yellow poppy to the most romantic like Pink francesilla tones. And green ... do not miss it! It will leave a lot of freshness and the flowers are the protagonists of these branches. Yes, ramos. In plural. Because this time the floral stylist Mireia Abras encourages you to create a composition with a main branch and two smaller ones. More life, more color, more joy.

In the video you will see how easy it is to shape these beautiful bouquets. What flowers to choose? If you have your favorites, go ahead! Customize your bouquet as you like. These are the varieties we have chosen.

Mise en place of flowers to make a cheerful and colorful bouquet

Commitment to Transparency

And here is so much beauty ... Why hide behind an opaque vase? Best crystal choose them either tall and wide vintage vases or jars. Its transparency will allow the precious green stems also fits well in sight.

Compounds and bouquets

Although a bouquet made with these flowers have enough strength and style to decorate alone, it is true that in composition achieved multiply your joy and vitality.

A number of levels. It combines different size containers, provided with one prominent than the rest.

Best varied. It is not necessary that the three branches are identical. In this case one of the two smallest we've dispensed with the yellow poppy, leaving predominating range of roses. Thus uniformity is broken and the composition is more natural.