This time we took not purchase. Nor to the beach. This time baskets and baskets become pots. One idea we've seen in magazines and interiors with rustic charm. But what flowers to choose? And how we can put to make it nice?

Carrycot flower arrangement in pink and white stylist Miriea Abras

Abras floral stylist Mireia gives us all the keys to recycle our wicker baskets of all life and give them a new use with wild flowers that are great with natural fibers. A simple DIY that will add charm to the house entrance or anywhere you choose.

What do you need?

  • Wicker baskets or baskets
  • Foam nail flowers
  • statice statice and

To be great varieties choose two contrasting colors and fill baskets or baskets full, cupping flowers and plants to catch volume.

In addition to the ground, you can hang these baskets in one of the hanger hooks in the hall, on the back of a chair on the porch (if not too heavy) or a doorknob with ample step and always be open.