"During the early years I lived in Sweden I fell in love with its culture, its light, its nature, its traditions ... Such was the connection I felt with the Scandinavian country reached my professional life and I ended up become "ambassador" of the world's best-known Swedish company. And although today I am responsible for interior design of Ikea in Spain, my story with Swedish decor began much earlier.

He worked in the city and sought a wild place, remote, unspoiled ... where to feel free in contact with nature. I found in this house, "Lilla Torpet" which means country house in Swedish-, a real gem, hidden in a lush forest where time seemed to have stopped.

Facade of the house red

Built in the late eighteenth century, it belonged for generations to the same family of farmers. The only changes I made were to bring water and electricity and build a bathroom. My job was to renovate the house colors, inspiring three elements: snow white, beige linen and a very particular, typical of this region to paint furniture and woodwork bluish green. Decorated with these colors, the receiver transmits positive that energy comes home. There is a mirror that reflects the forest and wardrobes "invisible" for coats and shoes. Hand-painted desk is Swedish, 1800, and the velvet curtains, the color of the door, protect from the cold in winter and hide the bright summer nights solisticio.

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The kitchen remains two centuries ago-just as the most important place in the house. It is a very bright and welcoming space, a feeling that we have enhanced painting white floor and wall socket. Most of the furnishings are white, with a touch on untreated wood. The bank, for example, is the favorite place of my daughters to sit for breakfast.

And in Sweden often walk barefoot through the house, the carpet adds warmth around the table.

We follow a path of candles -a very escandinava- tradition, leading us up the stairs, white, to the bedrooms. The girls room is a space fairy tale, very bright and simple. My daughters love to play in it with her cousins ​​when time does not allow us to go outside. Each has his trunk bedside with their favorite toys, storybooks and everything that feeds your dreams. But in summer, when it's good, we organize meals in the garden, next to the guest cabin and so girls can continue playing inside and outside.

master bedroom with wall papered

In my bedroom again reign cool and sedate tones painted with the same pattern as the dining role, but in blue. When dressing the bed, looking for our textiles, which, as in the rest of the house, help me create this atmosphere of well-being. I always choose white sheets and bedspreads from the same palette as the paper. I love getting up in the morning and look out my window the wonderful view of the forest. I have never experienced the same silence, interrupted only by the sounds of nature.

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The truth is that "Lilla Torpet" is my fantasy come true, a magical place in space and time, which keeps among its forests some of the happiest moments of my life. Sure, over the years, we evolve together and discover new places in which to live wonderful feelings ".