Where some saw a barren and inhospitable terrain, Ariadna saw the place where the house of his life would rise. He is a lover of Formentera: "It was not easy to find the right spot, but finally we got in this quiet corner, to a kilometer from the beach".

French interior courtyard with iron bed and creepers

The house is an oasis of freshness, surrounded by pine trees and the intense smell of rosemary. It has one floor, in a "U" and completely surrounded by porches. "The open wanted abroad, full of light and fresh thanks to air currents cross the owner- explains. Porches, both the outer perimeter and the inner courtyard, allow to find at all times of the day the ideal place for sun or shade. "

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11 summer dining


11 summer dining

Inside, instead dominates a splendid white tinged with the natural colors of fabrics and accessories. "All rooms have direct exit to the outside and in summer it is easy to keep fresh air circulation. I do not like air conditioning and so put ceiling fans but almost not use them. With natural ventilation is enough. "

Lounge with fireplace and stone tones two fans

A room with two couches facing to the fireplace is the meeting place in the rare days when you are not well off. "I love the fireplaces, even put one on the porch because I've never seen a nice barbecue," says Ariadna. And in the kitchen, the square table points out: "When I finish the work overran two doors and I thought them together, put them and turn them into table legs".

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The interior courtyard, which give some bedrooms, ideal for shelter when it gets too much sun or wind. "Gravel soil filtered rainwater and reuse. On the island water it is a precious commodity. "