If moving with children may seem to us the nightmare before Christmas (or not?), This family said yes, we want! ¿Segurooooo? Well, I had incentive: Debuts house tailor-made and assembled Twelfth Night of your dreams. Your home is the best gift, of course. Six years old is the girl. Two years old his brother. It is perfect and voila everything ready!

The letter was first. "We want a home to play, a pine tree with a star high up Dad !, a great kitchen to make cookies with mom, a warm fireplace to draw his side when cold, a garden to celebrate the birthday-and power watch the sea!" (The latter added the parents).


Already they have the bandejita for Santa's reindeer and camels of Kings, of course! And in the shopping list he is already aimed his little letters from children (and rather large) chocolate for breakfast that will prepare all together.

"We do everything: Kings and Santa Claus. I love to ride the tree is quite large, but I do not like excessive decorations, and many lights. Sometimes I put a log accents and combined with glass balls, "says Ona, his mother, who also seeks to divide the holidays:" At Christmas we are with the whole family, grandparents ... but Reyes is more intimate, to be four, open presents .... "

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We see a large tree, which Ona has brought Petit Côté Déco, the brand that is working on his new project as an interior designer, but no crib. Cast? "Young children at the end it apart much!" He laughs, "I'd rather give them one toy and have properly assembled the tree."


Next to the tree, some slates. "Dear Reyes, now we do not spend more environmentally friendly and paper. We write in these slates ... thanks for the gifts! ", noted children. At last comes the day of the Three Kings Cake! Who would play the bean?

Would you like to see more of this house? This video looks at how the whole family lives waiting for the Magi. What nerve!