In the dining room not everyone looks the same. Some people prefer to be a rather small but convenient place, such as an office next to the kitchen for daily use. Others want-or need- that the table is large to accommodate a large family. And there are those who need to be a versatile space for both casual wear only when they are home, but that fits seamlessly when they receive guests.

How to get the perfect dining as you need? In this gallery you will find the best solutions for this meeting area home meets all of your expectations.

With a bank, adds style and seating at your table

Did you know that in the same space occupied two chairs a bench offers seating for three people? As you'll see in the gallery, a bench is the perfect solution when you need a lot of places within a few meters. In addition, if you have low back you can put it under the table.

An extendable table that grows when needed

Extendable tables are a great idea to optimize space, especially when we do not have many meters. On the day, the table has the size that you are at home and only grows when there are guests.

Dining room with round table and sideboard white

¿Rectangular or round? Choose the shape that best fits the space. Round, besides facilitating the passage around, encourage conversation because they allow all diners visually connect without problem.

A large table designed for a large family

The dining table should meet the needs of your family. If you are many at home, then the table must be generous and robust.

to eat When choosing the table note that each diner needs its own space at least 60 cm and must have a central area to drop plates, dishes ...

And for household In the photo we show in the gallery he has created a low dresser shallow (for a line of dishes you just 30 cm deep). He and chairs must be 90 cm free to access its content.

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The table against the window: more light and space

Snuggles the table to the wall to clear the maximum space. If your location matches a window, as here, not only sums amplitude, you also get the dining area has more natural light.

Own personality When the dining room is open to the kitchen is important that both areas have elements in common but so is mark your "differences". They may have the same tone wall but different floors or vice versa.

All by hand If the meters are not allowed to be at the table hangs a large cupboard a small cabinet on the wall and watch the utensils at hand.

Prolongs the island for eating and cooking family

Lengthens countertop kitchen island about 30 cm at one end to have a bar for informal meals or breakfast. Hand stores well in one of the drawers for place mats at a time. If you have children, it is a perfect solution for breakfast, because you can go picking and preparing other things in the kitchen while the vigils very closely.