With bright and well connected spaces in which to unwind and with the same magazine style furniture. These were the dreams pursued by the new owners of this flat in Barcelona's Eixample. And they succeeded after an imaginative reform. "-we have completely transformed it Yolanda Martinez and José A. Herrero, the study Une Projects, responsible for rehabilitation- that retained the structure of another era, with a long corridor, dark rooms".

The result has been spectacular: a large living area with lounge, dining and kitchen communicating through sliding doors, a distributor that multiplies the space and light from windows Corner. "While we opened spaces, we retain the original architectural elements because this house is artistic heritage. The task was not easy because we had to restore or preserve moldings drawings cuarterones. "

Living room with sliding wooden

But the main desire of the owners to transform their new home was that her style will breathe the cabinet. "So your magazine has been our inspiration to choose colors, materials and textures and get a comfortable lifestyle." In this way the walls were painted light gray soils dressed with aged oak or linen curtains topped with fretwork.

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A last wish of the owners was to create an office for videoconferences in his bedroom, but making one thing clear: "We do not want to display the table from the bed, so you do not remind us work." So the table behind a partition ... And this house seems to follow a single rule: "First of all very calm."