In the late nineteenth century, the daily life of this house had little to do with life today. But visiting their stays by its current owner we can not help but lend wings to the imagination. "It's a great house Asturian Indians, built over 150 years ago. He had several decades of splendor, until it was abandoned and remained so for a long period of time. He fell into oblivion and ruin. A few years ago my husband and I were looking for a big house to reunite our family with four older children during the summer. We also wanted it to be an old building, with character, with history. When we visited this, we were in love immediately. It is on top of a small hill, surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush green meadows. The house was in a sorry state, it is true, but then saw that if we could restore it, this was exactly the dream place. "

The building is part of the historical heritage, so remained the most of their appearance

And got down to work, in collaboration with the interior designer Isabel López-Quesada and Marta Marín architect. "The building is part of the historical heritage, so we had to maximize their appearance Marta explains. However, the interior had to do everything practically new. Albeit with recovered materials or reproductions to respect the spirit of the age. In addition, there was a change of essential uses. In the original house, on the ground floor stables and warehouses were, and the first floor was where the home owners was. We wanted the ground floor became the principal and the bedrooms were in the first. For that we open holes, windows and doors, so that the light and views entered the living room, the dining room, the kitchen ... in the day, which is where the family spends more hours. "

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From the garden, with its imposing linden trees and magnolias, we enter a hall, divided in two by a glass partition, a windbreak. "The exterior is the first hall, the vestibule, where we changed the shoes on rainy days, here are frequent explains the owner-. After the glass panels are located welcome area, hall with a sofa and a fireplace. " Then go through a gallery that functions of "being late", which highlights the pavement gray stone with white marble blocks. And we got to the main room of the house, the living room, divided into two rooms. One indicated for the cold months, before the French painted stone fireplace, the eighteenth century. The other, led by a beautiful white wooden cupboard, from an old apothecary. "The living room overlooks says the owner- three facades. The sequence of windows is like a small collection of cards ". The dining room gets highlighted by a decorative hand-painted with images of trees and birds that bring the garden into paper. And the kitchen recreates the atmosphere of the old rustic kitchens, but with technology and modern conveniences. Pavers stone floor, furniture lacquered wood moldings, black marble stack and utensils hanging coexist with modern appliances and a practical work island with a powerful hood with glass visor. "We designed it well to make it lighter and light will pass," says the architect.

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An elegant wooden staircase designed by Isabel López-Quesada leads to the bedroom floor. The owner of a suite structure "boudoir": a first space functions dressing room and retailer, the bath on one side and the chamber on the other. "It's like a small apartment," says the owner. Once the structure of the house was completed, it was the turn of the details. "My friend Maria Plaza, Tent Chinero helped me with advice to complete the decor." And give to this house a deserved new life.