We will not work miracles. Because the meters are what they are. But these tricks will achieve more and get better advantage of the space you have. Among the more than 30 ideas that we have put together will find solutions for space, ideas of distribution for a stay seem looser than it is and endless decorative tricks with which you'll grow your home. And all without moving a wall! Put them into practice. Do they work.

Living room

1. Invites the outside into the house

You'll make giving way to views and, above all, to light. How? Begins lend more volume furniture against the wall and leave the lower front windows. Above all, choose a light fabric curtains, vaporous or open weave that let the light and clarity into the house. And yes, always in light colors.

2. Reduces XL parts

A large sofa can look like it less if you choose in light arms and low tones. Furniture with legs are lighter because light passes underneath and, in turn, are more stylized.

Living room with large window, leaning against the wall sofa, chair and cabinet under

3. Roundtables

Having no corners left a more comfortable pace (if kids at home, they are certainly the best option) and seem to occupy less. Two mini is better to put a bigger tables: you can move them as you need.

4. Furniture with more than one life

Choose pieces that have more than one use and can be adapted to different times and needs. For example, a sofa bed or low and long, with cushions, can be a TV cabinet seat.

White lounge with large windows, two facing sofas and furniture under the window walking

5. stylized lamps

Both standing and desktop, occupying minimum space and create atmosphere. Other idea? A strip of LEDs to illuminate from the ground will cause the wall away visually. It works.

6. Carpets that extend

If your soil is dark dwarf the living room. Cover it with a light colored carpet and earn feeling of space and light. Please select it from natural or very short hair fibers will be much easier to maintain.

Light tones

  • Unify and conquer. If you paint doors and walls the same continuity between spaces and agrandarás be created.
  • cold taps. Details in white, blue or green water will air freshness and feeling.
  • Or warm details. Yellow touches like cushions, multiply the light.

Dinning room

7. A bank and seats

Change chairs by a bank guarantee of success is if you want to add seating. If it is in "L" or "OR"In addition, most of the corners, with chairs, would be wasted.

8. With storage space

If you choose a bank, you can do as a storage bunker inside. You will gain a lot of extra storage.

Dining in style white sailor open to the living room with painted beams and a large bank in U & quot; as

Whenever possible, remove doors. If you let the light and look circulate unhindered, you will see a much larger space than is

9. lighter chairs

Rounded, white or forms fibers that miss the light by its network. They occupy the least visually.

8. Vertical magic

A wainscot slats a striped pattern ... Vertical cause the brain perceives the highest and larger spaces.

11. The power of a mirror

Do not you know how to decorate the wall? Hang a mirror. His reflection makes the space seem larger and bouncing light illuminates.

open to lounge on white with colorful chairs and large mirror standing room

12. The table "disappears"

It is the board that has the same color as the ground and thin legs. If it is round in shape will take advantage of even more space.


13. The beds to the top

On a wall of 3 m long train type you can put bunks with fitted underneath. If you have less meters, conventional berths are a good choice.

14. A minimum wainscot

To protect the wall from rubbing against the bed, just a painted or bolon socket. You shall not steal centimeters into space, decorate and give warmth to the bed area.

Children's bedroom with bed with drawers and trundle bed against the wall and baseboard

15. shelves in each gap

Uses the space above the door or behind it, under the window or on the bed to install shelves. They do not take up visually and give much of themselves to save.

16. Save only what is necessary

Children grow up fast. Check out the clothing often and stay alone with what they will. Thus you have enough with a closet 120 cm wide and 40 cm deep.

17. Drawers with wheels

Under the bed there is a gap that can give much play. Do not waste it! One idea: drawers 80 cm deep. If you choose wheels and transparent fronts will be more practical.

Children's bedroom with blue bed against the wall with drawers with glass fronts

18. Baskets and boxes labeled

They are basic. Children have a thousand toys and little things. theyre
to sort it all with baskets and boxes with labels or drawings. Order = amplitude.

A practical study

  • An about 60 cm. Ideal to have a computer and put a book underneath. 1 m long will be more comfortable.
  • high library. With a background of 30 cm will suffice. Painted the same color as the wall, it will camouflage.
  • Painting magnet. Children like to decorate the walls of his studio. Painting a wall with magnetic paint and can hang their posters, photos ... with simple magnets.


19. Take the height

Modules to the roof storage multiply. Put them in a single wall to fill the space or fail the voids on the refrigerator and on furnaces column.

20. Drawers in the socket

Are 10 to 15 cm which can be very useful. Make a drawer instead of a simple socket and keep everything you do not use often to avoid having to bend down a lot: trays, trash bags, paper rolls ... will free drawers.

Kitchen with wooden beams and white wooden kitchen cabinets, like the soil

21. White sight

Choose white or glass everything is level Eye cabinets, bell ... The space will be perceived much wider.

Avoid shooters! Choose furniture or uñero opening pressure: smooth fronts give more amplitude

22. Limit materials

Do not use more than three materials. It will give uniformity and feeling of spaciousness. A perfect combination? Wood, white and stainless steel.

White kitchen cabinets ccon wall to ceiling and built-in microwave and oven

23. Electros totaling cm

A double stove is sufficient to cook and liberate worktop 30 cm. And a dishwasher 40 cm 20 cm forward cabinet.

24. Three good ideas for the office

  • Put baskets on the shelves. So you get a "cajonera" more to save from tablecloths covered or small utensils. Choose baskets vegetable fiber, they are very light.
  • Minimal table. A single shelf 35 cm deep x 60 cm wide and stool. It is all you need to eat daily. Another option? A folding minimesa.
  • A hanging cabinet. On a wall near the table, will serve for crockery and release daily kitchen cupboards. If you can not be everything keeps only what breakfast.


25. The Kingdom of White

No question: white is your color for ceilings and walls because away and makes the space seem larger. And also it reflects 80% of the light it receives.

Bedroom blank with blind box in beige

26. Parts two in one

If you do not fit nightstands, a wide headboard is ideal. With only 20 cm deep and it will support you and if you have 40 cm, chest type can do to keep inside.

27. nonexistent Cabecero

You can not even afford a headboard? Put wallpaper, wood sheathing of -¡blanca - wall bed or decorate with a custom mural. You will dress the room unoccupied or only 1 cm.

28. Wall dirigibles

Do not you table? Hanging lamps. Stretchable, the you can move when you want to read and bring them to the wall so they do not disturb when you do not need.

Bedroom mini in white with painted beams and wooden slats headboard

29. blinds instead of curtains

Even the curtains occupy space when not spare meters. To avoid this, bet blinds. Select them white and a lightweight fabric, such as a linen or cotton.

30. Reduce the steps

Keep 60 cm free on both sides of the bed, and at the foot, at least 80 cm. In front of the closet, to open doors and drawers, it is best to leave at least 1 m free.

A lightweight and capable bath

  • Glass partition. Transparent and with minimum profiles, extends the bathroom because you can see the entire stay.
  • Mini health. Compact measuring about 6 cm less frilly bottom and are lighter.
  • Mirror XL. As large as will fit without frame.
  • useful alcoves Take advantage of recessed fittings false walls to create holes in which to save.