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Isabel opens the doors of his house in Lugo, and how could it be otherwise, one of his favorite spots is to the kids in the living room of the house. A space to integrate them into the daily life of the family and also have their own corner in an area that is usually catered for adults. Simple with a tight budget, and perfect for smaller, child space in your living room is ideal not to lose any of his great moments.

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1. It is difficult to define, but ... What decorative style is closer to your way of understanding deco?

I not think I have a style, although it is true that I have always liked to mix pieces full of history with more modern, so I can say that my style is eclectic, or perhaps chaotic, ha ha ha.

2. What inspires you when decorating your home?

Definitely always around you it influences you, but if someone has determined my tastes, at all levels, that's been my mother. I remember my house full of magazines as a child, and there are things that will stay forever.

3. What is your favorite piece of furniture?

I have some furniture that no desprendería me for anything and I know that we always accompany, as a Chinese buffet we have in our living room and followed us from Xiam. However, as I said, I love to mix, and that allows me redecorate my house from time to time, but without losing our essence as always.

4. What do you think of DIY philosophy? You have elements of this type at home?

I love that the "do it yourself" but it takes time and why not do everything I would like. However we do have some things at home that we have done as a shelf that is on the radiator lounge, a bathroom mirror that we decorating the hall with a garland of flowers and some other things hanging from the walls. I definitely think so, I love the DIY philosophy.

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5. Never just decorate ... What is your next deco target?

I took a year to put a curtain in the living room. Do not ask, it's like Chinese water torture, every time I get to work something comes up and we leave. We also have to repaint the house, decorate the terrace ... As you say, You never just ride home!

6. In your house missing ...

The truth is that we live in a large house for the middle, but if I had to ask for something, I would have more space. A larger kitchen, a larger bathrooms, more office ... I love spending time at home, and although we have comes to us, never dreaming is over.

7. Is your favorite spot?

Although they have their rooms, came to play the lounge are always us, so we needed a room for four, not only for adults. I took a few months to find the key, but finally got a room 100% family and I am very happy about it. Children make crafts (both love to paint) and we can spend time together.

8. Did you give for finished or still incorporate some piece you dream?

I'm really happy with this corner, but I have clearly going to be temporary. In a few years they cease to be children, and our house will continue to evolve, so we'll see what develops. I've always wanted a large piece of furniture library, so who knows? Maybe some day.

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  • You do not ever say, but Isabel started as a lawyer specializing in divorce and mediation.
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