What will the Kardashian engaging both? Is it by that point over and tacky all in one corner of our soul within us? Or maybe the little evil demon from our shoulder tells us: "You see, money can not buy good taste". Anyway, what if they have to recognize this famous family is carrying ten years showing his life on television. The closest thing to the Alcantara family have across the pond, come on.

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Although if you ask anyone out there looking confesses his reality (of course, of course ...), but then everyone is aware of the comings and goings of the very famous sisters with names beginning with K and silhouettes that in some cases, They defy the law of gravity (and good taste).


Anyway, back to what concerns us is the decor. I have today given a tour of the house of the eldest sister, Kourtney, Kardashian least the group was published in the American AD. And it Kourt (so they call her sisters) is passionate about design and decoration and is considered an expert in the field. In fact, she is responsible for the interior design of their homes and often advises the rest of the family.

Hence his house is not a fear of skins, marbles and glitter (home would dawn her mother, Kim). Rather the complete opposite. It is large (much) but it shows that each piece has been chosen with great care and nothing is there by chance. Mix vintage pieces, textile art and light in a house, do not forget, is in California where it is summer practically all year.

My favorite room in your house? For the office that is mounted Kourtney home for your wonderful wooden floor, a giant lamp and, above all, a black picture on Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra would hang without thinking in my living room and white. Illustration Batman already seems too much for my humble abode.


And that's without detracting from the pool area, giblets long would I do there, and the kitchen is the dream of any cocinitas. And that gives me in the nose that Kourtney is not doing much cooking, although a declared follower of organic food and your pantry and refrigerator side by side sure is full of eco food.

But in this house who are truly happy are the three sons Kourtney have with Scott Disick (no longer walk at home) because their rooms are as ideal as suckers own: that of Penelope, median, is the abode a modern princess and the Reign room, the little house looks like a zoo with both stuffed. Koutney care ...

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Although insurance where children have fun at is in the playroom. It has everything: a giant TV and old cinema seats, a battery (so that neighbors Kourt has no landing), a slate wall, a doll house for nancys ... And curtains and chairs (design insurance) in bright red that I would remove so that children are not excited over the account. But hey, if you're little and invite you to play this house I would beat me with loctite to this room.


Not everything would be good ... also some other things change, mainly in the living room with both symmetry and grid game to me personally, me a little dizzy. Less is more, dear Kourt, I said the Confucius architecture of Mies van der Rohe, so relax.

Gallery, 12 photos

And put someone else but would also remove the pictures that our hostess has headboard on the wall of your room. Yes, and who they are James Turrell but do not give me calm I need to bedtime. If at the end of the Kardashian gene he had to demonstrate ...

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