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Wild Pack of Canaries were kind enough to check in with Lo-Pie to dish on the release of their newest LP In the Parian Flesh. The Long Beach locals have gained quite the following since winning the 2011 Buskerfest. Each year the festival rewards the winner with a special vinyl package deal. Since winning, Wild Pack has been hard at work in the studio with keyboard maestro and engineer Ikey Owens (Mars Volta/Jack White/Free Moral Agents) and producer Jonny Bell. The San Francisco based Pirates Press then busted out a totally rad “Grimace purple” splatter on gold vinyl for their release and recently featured it as Record of the Week. Fellow pie Mariana calls In The Parian Flesh “a well-constructed kaleidoscope of a record that plays like an experimental pop cacophony from out of time and space.” See for yourselves at the Silverlake Lounge this Thursday for the final night of their residency with support from Crystal Antlers, White Murder, and Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel. Here we speak with Rudy DeAnda (vox/guitar), Alfred Hernandez (drums/keys) and London Guzman (saxophone) about smoking blunts, partying with the Spits and some of their upcoming releases on Burger Records and Lolipop Records.

wild pack of canaries,los angeles, lopie, lo-pie, lo pie, lo-pie music, lo-pie underground music los angeles, lopie music, underground, underground los angeles

How different was the songwriting/recording process on In the Parian Flesh compared to your first record?

Alfred: Well we’re not in a garage, for one.

Rudy: For starters, we wanted to make sure we did it at a professional studio.

Alfred: We wanted it to sound as good as can be, since we were gonna press it to vinyl. We had a producer (Ikey Owens) on this one, so that’s a major difference. But Ikey man, he moved the sessions along really well and he made everything cohesive. Just overall production, man.

Rudy: There was this one part where I was like, hey Ikey can you give me that My Bloody Valentine sound, and he’s just like yeah. He just fiddled with the knobs in like 10 seconds and had it, haha. We also already had a really good idea of the kind of album we wanted to make conceptually.

The album artwork is pretty rad, what’s the story behind it?

Alfred: It was a collaboration.

Rudy: Between Matt (Ibarra) and this guy Michael J. Salter. It was a piece that Matt did about 2 years ago. There was like 2 images of these models. But there would’ve been a copyright infringement because they were like off Vogue and shit like that. But Michael J. kaleidoscoped the image.

Alfred: So you can’t see any of the copyright material, and it came out sick.

Rudy: Also the back cover is pretty cool, it’s almost like screen credits from an old movie or something.

Tell us about your Silverlake Residency and upcoming plans.

Rudy: It’s a nice platform to get LA to pay attention to us in the sense that we’ve got all these great bands playing, and people won’t have a choice but to pay attention. All the lineups are super solid.

Alfred: I think it helps that we did the Echo first, though. Like, hopefully people will come from that show.

Rudy: The future looks good, we’re playing some Burger shows in March and with Guantanamo Baywatch at Alex’s in Long Beach. Basically we’re just dedicated to making sure as many people know about the record as possible. And then we’ll just keep playing and recording the rest of the year.

Alfred: And we have so much new material.

Rudy: My mouth’s watering at the thought of new songs. They’re already all kind of there, and Alfred has a lot of input on the new material. It’s more of a band now than just a few people. It’s a complete collaboration.

Alfred: And everybody’s kind of like writing or encouraging writing. Which is cool because with so many of us it’s kinda hard to divvy out the writing cred.

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You’ve also got a couple cassettes coming out on Lolipop Records and Burger Records?

Rudy: The Lolipop tape is gonna be new songs and then b-sides and stuff that no one has ever heard before.

Alfred: The Burger tape is In the Parian Flesh. I think it’d be cool if they even had like a foldout insert, you know they have those all the time, where it’s like you fold it out and it’s like the actual cover. And I think they’re gonna do purple with gold trimming which would be the flipped version of how the vinyl is.

London: It’s like a red cassette with the trim which is pretty cool.

Rudy: This guy James released his dad’s tape on Burger a few months ago, The Undertakers. They’re from the 60s. He’s the one who really referred us to Burger, so he had a lot to do with it.

London was able to make it onto your last record, how did the whole idea of adding a saxophone to your sound come about?

Rudy: I mean I’ve known him since middle school. And he just kinda started hanging out and smoking blunts with us and then one day he was just like, hey uh by the way I play sax. We were like bring it by and we’ll see what happens. And the rest is history.

Can you tell us a little about Pirates Press?

Alfred: They’ve done so many different good records. They’re like the cream of the crop right now.

Rudy: The reason we got to work with them was because we won Buskerfest. We got a check for $2500 to put an album out.

Alfred: It was made out to Pirates Press already, they already had them in mind before we even won. We put in a little extra to get the effects on the colored vinyl.

London: It was like $450 for $2500 worth of work.

Rudy: But this vinyl is like the best business card you could ever have because people look at it and they see the finished product there already.

So with SXSW coming up again, you guys have any crazy stories you can share from last year?

Alfred: Oh, man that shit was awesome as hell dude.

Rudy: It was the first time in Austin for most of us, we went unofficially but we were hanging with the Burger Records crowd so like there was one show where King Tuff played and if anyone would’ve dropped off the show we were gonna fill the slot, but it didn’t happen. I slept on the roof of the van a few nights.

Alfred: We slept on the ground in someone’s backyard. Devin took a picture of it, we were like sharing a blanket and a pillow. Oh, we also partied with the Spits at their hotel.

Rudy: Chris Ziegler hooked us up with some wristbands and we got free booze all night.

Alfred: There was like another show that was endorsed by Sailor Jerry’s and since we had VIP wristbands we got free Jameson.

Rudy: We also got to be on the same bill as R. Stevie Moore.

Alfred: And we also played with these little kids, Residual Kid. The drummer used my drum set and he ripped my snare drum. And he was like a kid, I’ve never ripped a snare drum in my life. Their dad was cool as hell though.

Rudy: During the show he went to Guitar Center and bought us a snare head.

Lastly, any shoutouts?

London: Jim Beam. Fingerprints.

Rudy: The Healing Tree. Feeding People.

Alfred: Jonny Bell, Long Beach Paco. 4th St. Vine.

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