All the way from DENVER USA Lo-Pie Presents American Culture! Joined by Michael Vidal (Ex Abe Vigoda), Arjuna Genome, and Homebody, at our fav DIY SPOT NON PLUS ULTRA!

YO THE SQUIDS HAVE A NEW TAPE YA DOUCHE! Come out to celebrate the release on LOLIPOP RECORDS! Joined by the Lolipop King himself, Wyatt Blair and Psychic Jiu Jitsu.

Rudy De Anda Tour Finale! With pie favorites Clearance and Thurst!

The Numerators come back to LA and this time we will NOT BE SHUT DOWN! Joining them is Sloppy Jane and Wax Children.

GRILLED CHEESE NIGHT AT LOT 1! Nothing goes better with cheese than good music. Check out Billy Changer, Black Sea, Douglas James Sweeney (Arjuna Genome.)

Like bowling? SO DO WE! Check out Colleen Green, JAILL, and Punani Huntah at All Star Lanes

HOLA SENOR FISH! Corners, Pool Honeys, and Plastik Pinks rage out with the fishes.

A Giant Dog is BACK! With Blind Pets, both from Austin and local faves Prettiest Eyes. West side Timewarp show.

Lot 1 Party! With The Electric Magpie, Appendixies, Globelamp, and Samira’s Infinite Summer!

House Party Lo-Pie Style! Serving up grilled cheeses and cheap beer all night! With Babewatch (SF), Ghali, The Modern Age, and Contrafang!

Things got turnt at Lot 1 in Silverlake. Great show with The Vivids, Big Tits, Bad Vibes, and Cigarette Bums!

Party in LB! Join us at Que Sera with The Squids, Sad Girl, and Kera & The Lesbians!

HOLY SHEET LOOK AT THIS SHOW!! We got Useless Eaters from SF, A Giant Dog from TX, and Prettiest Eyes from LA!

Here we come….PART TIME PIES! We’re throwing a DJ night at the Melody Lounge in DTLA. Chock full of THE BEST JAMS YOU’VE EVER HEARD IN YOUR LIFE…and good beers too!

Charlie Megira RETURNS to the US! We co-present with the homies at rsrch + dvlp, for a night of FUN at The Smell featuring: Charlie Megira, Sea Lions, Prettiest Eyes, and Turner, ALL AGES $5!

Lo-Pie & Lost Dog Collaborate to bring you POST-HALLOWEEN POST-FUN – THE WESTSIDE CURE TO YOUR HALLOWEEN HANGOVER! Featuring: Colleen Green, The Ocean Party, Love Cop, and No-Fi! Wear a costume for a chance to win #bigtime!

Co-Presents with Unsatisfied Records, Featuring: Spaceships, Washing Machines, and No-Fi + Lo-Pie DJs!

Lo-Pie Presents: Batwings Catwings, Everyone Is Dirty, Panthar, The Frights, The Shrills, and DJ Cristina KXLU.

Lo-Pie Presents: Your Ugly Sister, Kim & The Created, and Dead Panzies at Almost Holden Collection in Santa Monica.

Lo-Pie Presents: The Buttertones, Girlpool, and Michael & The Strange Land plus DJ McAllister KXLU, at Los Globos.

Lo-Pie Haus Show: The Numerators, Kim & The Created, Sandy Pussy at a house in Highland Park.

Lo-Pie Presents: Charlie Megira, Kim & The Created, Gabriel Hart, Trabants at Lot 1 Cafe in Silverlake.

Lo-Pie, The Fold, and Pizza Party Music Present: Cobalt Cranes, Wax Children, Santoros, and The Electric Magpie at Bootleg Theater.

Lo-Pie, KXLU, and Bored To Death Present: Unstoppable Death Machines, Fartbarf, VerBS, MTNS, and Batwings Catwings at the Church of Fun. Show is All Ages so be sure to bring your bb bros!

Dirty Laundry T.V. presents, Terry Malts, Death Hymn #9, Heller Keller, and Girl Tears at the Echo! But wait there’s more… it’s during the DAY! That’s right, DAY DRINKING! But wait there’s even MORE… Mariana and Kelly are DJing…AND DAY DRINKING!

Lo-Pie Presents: The Shrills, Wyatt Blair, and Honey Badgers at Ham & Eggs Tavern. While Nightmare Boyzzz were originally set to headline the night, due to their tragic breakup, they have been replaced by The Shrills. But no worries pies, Nightmares are still guaranteed from these horror punx.

Lo-Pie Presents: Useless Eaters, Scraper, Corners, and Adult Books at Lot 1 Cafe. Pre SXSW party!

Come on down to the Colony Warehouse and have some fun! DJ MT will be spinnin’ some jams, and Now, Twin Steps, Los Craters, The Buttertones, Rudy De Ana, and Rainman will be JAMMING.

Drinking Flowers Residency at Harvard and Stone, every Tuesday in February! Lo-Pie Presents February 18th with Froth and Dunes.

Pies + Dolls at TRiP in Santa Monica! Featuring: Spaceships, Globelamp, and Mean Dream with DJ’s Honey Power! Every second Thursday of the month, in January and February, you can check out some of Lo-Pie’s favorites on the WESTSIDE!

Lo-Pie Presents: Washing Machines, The Vivids, ContraFang, and Rudy De Anda at Glitter Death Art Gallery on Saturday, January 18th!

Lo-Pie’s FIRST BB RESIDENCY at TRiP in Santa Monica! Every second Thursday in January and February, you can check out some of Lo-Pie’s favorites on the WESTSIDE! First up, Aftergloam, The Vivids, and Los Craters!

Ugly sweater party with your ugly sister! Also be sure to check out the band that’s releasing a cassette also called Your Ugly Sister. 12/22/13 Lot 1 Cafe 8PM!

Presenting the second night of the Froth residency at Bootleg. Make sure to check this band out cause they’re gonna BLOW THE EFF UP!

Stoked to present Hellshovel fresh off their tour with King Khan! Pie faves Drinking Flowers and The Mollochs round out the line up, bring your Greens to Ham & Eggs for this one!

Show at The Smell with: Telescopes, LSD & The Search for God, Cosmonauts, and Froth

Show at The Smell with: Moses Campbell, Arjuna Genome, Appendixes, and Shit Giver!

Join us on the Wesssside for a fun time show featuring: Buttertones, Babies on Acid, and Appendixes! All ages welcome, 21+ for Free beers!

THE BEST HALLOWEEN SHOW EVER IS HERE! Join us, IN COSTUME, to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve at The Moon Pad, where Death Hymn Number 9, The Shrills, Adult Books, The Gospels, and special guests The Lolipop Underground are going to blow your faces off and put them back together again in a grotesque Halloween fashion!

Lo-Pie & Under the Gun Records team up to bring you a night of interstate psychedelic stoner shenanigans when Oakland’s BUFFALO TOOTH celebrate the release of their new 7-inch on UtG with special guests FROTH, MR. ELEVATOR AND THE BRAIN HOTEL, and DRINKING FLOWERS.

Our second collab with Tijuana-based Polvora promises to be even wilder than the first. We’re taking Oakland’s Meat Market down with local faves Corners to play a wild show with TJ band San Pedro El Cortez. See you at la frontera, pie faces.

Come get weird at the Smell, featuring all your fav noise acts. IT’S GONNA GET LOUD!

We teamed with SoCal Tennis Pros for this rad pool party in Fullerton on a super hot Labor Day Weekend.

A 21st birthday party show for Lucas with rad touring bands and the inimitable Zig Zags headlining.

Lo-Pie presents: Kat Kong’s Cassette Release Show! Featuring: Stab City, Batwings Catwings, and GnarBaby!

What a scream! Lo-Pie presented (and provided vegan pizza for) Froth and Corners’ Endless Summer tour kick-off at the Smell with Colleen Green and Wyatt Blair.

Lo-Pie and Mountair present Dustin and The Explosions record release at The Smell! Featuring: Kid Cadaver, Batwings Catwings, and Manhattan Murder Mystery.

Lo-Pie presents Here Comes The Summer 4, with pretty much THE RADDEST LINEUP EVER!

Lo-Pie and KXLU present the final night of Summer Twins’ June residency at the Bootleg with Adult Books and Wyatt Blair. It was prom-themed!

Lo-Pie presents FUN EVERY THURSDAY! Ancient Animals and L.A. Witch split residency at Silverlake Lounge! Featuring: Wax Children, The Aquadolls, Thee Commons, Spoken Folks, Pocket Rockets, The Sister Ruby Band, Adult Books, Blackfeet Braves, and Levitation Room

Lo-Pie helped book and promote O.C. band The Shrills’ Summer of Weird 2013 tour, which started with a mad show in Tijuana and culminated at a bangin’ Oakland house party. Good times!

Lo-Pie and Polvora hooked up to co-present a cross-cultural meltdown south of the border with The Shrills, Pool Honeys, Corners and DFMK.

Lo-Pie presents a night of weird and noisy shit at Towne! Featuring: The Garden, Conscious Summary, Luum, Stripper Pussy, and Terminal A. RSVP NOW!

Lo-Pie and Burger Records Present: Feeding People, Spanish Moss, Mr. Elevator and The Brain Hotel, and Holywave. At the Smell May 6th and at Burger RecordsMay 7th!

Lo-Pie Presents a good ol’ fashioned,sweet ass backyard BBQ!
With: Wild Pack of Canaries, Raw Geronimo, Ancient Animals, The Pocket Rockets, and Washing Machines. April 27th

Lo-Pie Presents at La Cita in downtown Los Angeles! Featuring: Wild Pack of Canaries, The Downtown Train, and Thee Commons. April 17th 9PM $5

Lo-Pie Presents our first ever day fest! Join us at the Silverlake Overpass for an all ages, all day music extravaganza, featuring: Acid Baby Jesus, Hellshovel, Las Ardillas, Los Vigilantes, Useless Eaters, Paint Fumes, Nightmare Boyzzz, C.C. Name, The Abigails, Cosmonauts, DSTVV, and Bad Vibes! $12 4PM

Lo-Pie teams up with KXLU to Present a night at Towne with: Acid Baby Jesus, Hellshovel, Corners, and Arjuna Gnome. 3/28 8PM $6

Lo-Pie is super stoked to be co-presenting with Pass Go Management at our first SXSW event ever! Bands include an all bay area line-up: Caldecott, Meat Market, Hot Toddies, Religious Girls, and Shannon and The Clams. Head to Copa bar on Saturday 3/16!

Lo-Pie will be presenting Guantanamo Baywatch, Wild Pack of Canaries, The Shrills, and The Vivids at Alex’s Bar on March 9th.

Lo-Pie will be presenting the last show of the Wild Pack of Canaries Residency, with Crystal Antlers, White Murder, and Mr. Elevator and The Brain Hotel at Silverlake Lounge on February 28.

Lo-Pie will be presenting Twin Steps, Rock n’ Roll Adventure Kids, Silent Numbers, and Legs at The Night Light on January 31.

Lo-Pie presents Cotillion at Harvard and Stone January 22nd, featuring Colleen Green and the Cosmonauts.

Lo-Pie presents with Bored To Death at Unit B Studio in Santa Ana

Bands: Unstoppable Death Machines, Stab City, Bombon, Laughters, Surgeons, Dead Waste

Check out the Photos!

Lo-Pie was honored to present a CMJ showcase alongside KXLU, KXSC, Burger Records, and L.A. Record on October 19th, 2012 at The Cake Shop. Though traffic and rain threatened to put a damper on the whole affair, the Slices made it through and lived to pen the tale.

Check out the Photos!

The Intelligence

By the end of the night it was clear The Intelligence are definitely one of the best bands playing within this genre right now and slowly but surely they are building the same kind of following they have in Seattle down here in LA.

Check out the Photos!
Lo-Pie is super stoked to co-present Hindu Pirates’ Tape Release Party with Blackfeet Braves and Black Elephant at Ambig in Santa Ana, this Friday September 7th.

Not only are you gonna be treated to three awesome bands, there’s also gonna be free BBQ & beer (courtesy of PBR!), plus shirt and sticker giveaways from Ambig. And did we mention open skatepark? NO WE DIDN’T so we’re just gonna repeat it now: OPEN SKATEPARK, DUDES. 100% free except for the cash yr gonna wanna drop on tapes, tees, and pins afterwards!

3123 Macarthur, Santa Ana, CA 92704
7pm-11pm, music starts at 8pm.
Skate to the show or don’t skate at all.

We presented a show at Burger Records. It was cool.

Our very first show was headlined by Fullerton’s Cosmonauts and supported by a buncha crazy punks, a major highlight being Portland’s PinkSlime who hopped onto the line-up last minute and ended up being one of the best sets of night. Keep an eye on these kiddos.

This show is also notable for being the time Gantez Warrior got way too drunk and played for nearly an hour even though there were two bands yet to come (our bad; we somehow thought it was a good idea to store our beer in their car.) Kind of awkward, but Lo-Pie’s proud to have presented the first and last time Death Hymn #9 will appear on a bill with Gantez. Check out the photo album.

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