by on Oct 30, 2015

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Ben Katzman is the man behind Boston’s Bufu Records, but he also records as Ben Katzman DeGreaser and we’re stoked to premiere his new LP Venus in Pisces here today!

For the astrologically-inclined, as Katzman most definitely is, the LP’s title may conjure up images of dreamy sweetness but the songs here are anything but. Venus in Pisces is 10 tracks of glammy basement rock jammers slathered in shit-tons of shred and covering such halcyon topics as heartbreak, loneliness, dating, chilling, astrology, etc. No wonder this dude put out his last record with Gnar.

The band describes themselves as Van Halen meets Pinkerton, which is actually really funny if you think about it. But just in case you’re rolling your eyes at the thought of another KISS inspired jokey guitar band singing about L-U-V, rest assured. BKG are in on the joke and keep it fresh with a huge dose of good humor and some nice melodies.

Venus in Pisces is out on Bufu Records. You can buy it here.


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