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Ongakubaka Records
3/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Nice Walk

Baby Jesus is quite the anomaly. Hailing from the land that brought you the painful sterility of IKEA and Volvo, you’ve got to wonder how this Scandinavian five piece has developed into a group delivering rock n’ roll with the energy of Fat Man and Little Boy combined. Perhaps Billy Childish and Link Wray conceived a demon baby while on honeymoon in Halmstad. But it must be true considering the fact that Baby Jesus’ self-titled debut album delivers nearly thirty minutes of satisfyingly deafening garage rock.

Baby Jesus hits the ground running with “Nothing’s For Me”, featuring an all too familiar chord progression that would be tiresome under any other condition, however the execution is what makes this track great. The band has somehow managed to violently smash every instrument together with a ferociousness that’s still pleasurable to the human ear. But I’ve got to remember, ideally I should be flailing about and destroying shit while listening to this album, not dissecting it under a microscope for review. The album continues to progress through standard garage fare until “Nice Walk”, which makes for an entertaining surf rock tune that successfully manages to amplify the essence of legend like Dick Dale.

Interestingly enough, the album ends with a bit of a psychedelic flair in “Vansinne” and “Time’s All Gone”. But instead of seeming entirely out of place, the two tracks keep things engaging and gives the album needed variation. A bit of coolly played guitar on “Vansinne” proves that Baby Jesus can be versatile and do more than just blast chords and scream violently. It’s a fitting end to a debut album and leaves enough room to wonder what Baby Jesus will do next. Until then, Baby Jesus will naturally be available on cassette and digitally through Ongakubaka Records but vinyl-lovers fear not, the album will also be made available by San Antonio’s Yippee Ki Yay Records this summer.



  1. Annika Högdin
    April 16, 2015

    Im the proud mother of the drummer , Rasmus, in the fantastic band; Baby Jesus.
    Im so glad you give them good rewiew; they are very ambitious and very hard working with the music.
    Buy buy from Halmstad, Westcoast of Sweden. ( perhaps you know the band Roxette with Per Gessle? They are from Halmstad to… )

    • Dan Murroni
      April 16, 2015

      I’m very glad you enjoyed the review Annika!


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