by on Sep 25, 2012

blackfeet braves, lo-pie, 2012, Blackfeet Braves // Blackfeet Braves
Lolipop Records
3/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Dockweiler (Fuck yeah for the Gundo rep!)

Blackfeet Braves’ self-titled full length debut delivers on all fronts that you would expect for a band hailing from the infamous sun-soaked metropolis of highways and mini bubble cities between San Diego and Los Angeles. I pushed play on track one and felt myself start to transform. Ten minutes later I was melting into my chair and making dolphin noises. A good sign indeed, but I wanted to go full dolphin, damnit. A mere glimpse into the joys of being a dolphin isn’t enough. SoCal contemporary dolphin-morphers Allah-Lahs and The Growlers complete the task so well that THEY MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A FUCKING DOLPHIN. Blackfeet Braves just left me with a slightly fishy taste in my mouth

Make no mistake, the album is well done. All the elements are there: the twangy guitar leads layered over minimal rhythms washed in tremolo; the simple melodic bass lines meshing with that chill-ass, laid-back percussion lazily pumping away like a stoned heart beat; and let’s not forget the signature semi-melancholy crooner vocal stylings popularized by OC heartthrob Brooks Neilsen of Growlers fame. If you are familiar with these elements, then you are probably more than aware of their ability to sonically transport you from your drab bedroom straight to the sands of your favorite beach break. Blackfeet Braves‘ main downfall is the inescapable fact that it lacks the power to keep you there for very long.


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