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Future Force Records

Recommended Track(s): Doowaddadoo

Subtlety in rock n roll is usually an oxymoron. The best rock ‘n’ roll is typically bombastic: a screaming Little Richard pounding the piano with pancake makeup and a mile high pompadour, Bowie’s over the top personas, Iggy’s mutilation, MC5’s “kick out the jams mother***er”, etc… Another truism in rock ‘n’ roll is about breaking the rules or bucking convention.

Great River, the new album by Children falls into the latter category, particularly when compared to their contemporaries in the local garage influenced scene. Children use subtlety as a weapon and in the process have created an album that provokes thought and packs an aural punch.

If images of beautiful women frolicking in endless fields of wildflowers needed a soundtrack this collection of songs might be it. Dreamy and at times languid, Great River feels like a David Lynch film. This is an album that should be heard/reviewed as a whole. Although there is no obvious “single” among the 11 tracks, Children manage to sprinkle some surprises throughout.

“Salamander” opens the album with a pretty and melodic sound that features a prominent bass line. Not all’s dark with Children, “Doowaddadoo” is a bright and bouncy song that shows off the bands chops both in melody and harmony ending with a mini rave-up. Appropriately, “Good Things” comes at the end, and gets funky before finishing with a bang, as in “Bang a Gong”. With Great River, Children manage to construct a musical piece of art worthy of wrapping your head around.


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