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corners, my baby, lolipop records, single, ep, lo-pie, 2013, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicCorners // My Baby
Lolipop Records
3.1/5 Pies

Recommended Track: My Baby

Los Angeles three-piece, Corners, has been making the rounds lately; touring through SoCal, teaming up with the Lolipop Records crew and creating endearingly analog music videos. Perhaps you’re thinking, “I’m unfamiliar with Corners. How can I get acquainted?” For starters, you can check out their recently released 7″, because it’s totally worth your time.

“My Baby” is a catchy bit of lo-fi garage with muted vocals and surf-sensibility. Here, minimal guitar flourishes are woven amidst a steady bass line and cooly-delivered percussion. Before the song culminates there’s a fake-out, a surly tempo change, transporting the listener very briefly to a beach party in full swing: proof that Corners has a cultivated rock energy beneath their tempered exterior. Well-executed and zero unnecessary frills.

The B-side, “Automatic Man”, welcomes psychedelia into the mix. The vibe is mellower, the pace is slower, and it’s rather indicative of the B-side to life in Los Angeles – and by that I mean that the track is better-suited for a wake and bake and solo walk along the shore than for public revelry. As I’m writing this, I’ve either aurally hallucinated a seagull-dappled ocean sample, or it’s, you know, actually part of the recording. Bonus.

With the inundation of lo-fi offerings in LA, and particularly in the realm of garage, I’m often struck by the penchant of bands to dash the fluidity of the finished product on the rocks with some egotistical bullshit; a wacky guitar solo for no reason, perhaps the inappropriate inclusion of feedback, because feedback is like, so rock and roll. Thankfully, there’s none of that here. This 7″ is a reminder of what surf-psych can sound like when all the players are on the same page, so the result is more than just an entertaining listen, it’s also super solid.  Full-length next, please.


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